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We do have fear over certain things. Most kids fear over the darkness and strange sounds. Watching a scary movie? Not everyone likes it! Even those who pose themselves as extremely fearless tend to experience the spine-chilling effect when they are trapped in the darkness with strange voices. Have you experienced that kind of situation before?

Do you believe in ghosts? What do you think the scariest thing in the world? The 12 year old boy experiences the scariest moments in life during a Halloween night! This eBook, The Willies talks about the fearful experiences of the boy.

What are the willies? Willies mean getting scared and chilled! The boy was lost on the day of Halloween! The story is about his strange experiences and fearsome moments where he was frightened by many elements. Do you think they were real monsters?

The boy was running home late and he lost his way home. He lost his way because he took a wrong road to reach home. It was so calm and so dark that nobody was with the boy except his shadow. The silence and the darkness made the boy hear his rapid heartbeats, which scared him more. Those dark black trees at night on both sides of the road frightened him more. Suddenly, he looked at the shadow and was terrified.

He rushed, but the dead silence frightened him. Something was shouting at him and when he turned around, there were some dark monsters with white eyes following him! His heart almost stopped. Again he turned around and there were no monsters. Where all the monsters went? Then he rushed to reach home, where he passed through a corn field. In that corn field, a four hands man-like structure made his heart skip some beats!

Was the boy able to reach home safely? What are those willies? Read the story.

This story is authored by Ethan Crownberry. Crownberry authored many interesting tales for kids. His eBooks for kids differ from the typical and customary kind of stories for kids. We do have more Crownberry stories for you. Did you read, ‘A Fish with a Wish?’ If not, read it now! He follows the unique pattern in narrating his story and presentation of the eBook also differs. Tiny text with black background and small images are the landmarks of his eBooks. Kids would something colorful and legible, still the opinions differ.

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