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Sun is the supreme planet. Without sunlight nothing is possible. The sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Sun travel from east side and west side and spread his rays. Sun rise and sun set timing differs in every country. This is calculated based on sunrise and sunset. What happens when there is no sunrise or when the sun rises in a wrong direction or when the sun doesn’t rise at all or when the sun lost his way?

Read and enjoy the story.

The Sun who lost his way is about a small sun named Shiny, a Sun who lost his way and failed to perform his duty!

Shiny was the child of the Sun. Shiny was a small Sun. Shiny’s father was a beautiful, warm and golden Sun. Shiny was a happy boy, raised happily by his father. However, Shiny never learned the directions. He doesn’t know which is south or east or left or right.

Shiny’s father was aging, he asked his son, Shiny to take of his job. It was a habit and still a habit in many families to take over the job of the father. The father Sun took Shiny with him and explained him everything on a day’s journey, from sun rise to sun set. He showed the directions from where he should move, where he should stay, and lay down. Shiny, the young Sun was happy to hear this. Father Sun retired and handled his responsibility to his son.

Next day, Shiny happily rise in the east, without knowing. He was happy to see various places, crops, fields, people, mountains and rivers. Since he was extremely happy, he completely forgot what his father taught him. Also, he doesn’t know in which direction he should move.

He doesn’t know which is right or which is south. Yet, he moved so eagerly. It was time for the sun set, still he wasn’t aware about it. Shiny looked at his watch and since he felt so tired, he took rest! People were bit confused about appearance of Sun.

Shiny understood that he went wrong. Next morning, he rose in the western side! What happened then? Read and enjoy the story.

This is one of the best eBooks for kids to explain and let kids understand about Sun, sunrise, directions, etc. A must to read story.

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