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This is one of the very unique and educational ebooks for kids. While a majority of ebooks feature some interesting tales, this eBook has very interesting information about writing stories.

Yes, the eBook teaches how to write stories. There is an interesting character in this eBook, Mr. Tumblebuddy Flipet. He forms himself a story, narrates how to write a story. Interesting isn’t it?

Mr. Tumblebuddy Flipet was a famous writer. He loved to write and he was so passionate about writing. He would love to immerse himself in colorful paintings, spraying colors, writing and imagination. However, he got two faces. A good face and a bad face. The good face appears on the front side as everyone can see. The bad one on the back side remains hidden most of the time. Front face is called Lucky Leo and back face is called Unlucky Leo.

As indicated by their names, Lucky Leo always remained positive. He used to speak only positive elements, think positively and remained happy. On the other hand, Unlucky Leo is very opposite. Lucky Leo helped the characters of the stories, while Unlucky Leo ruined their happiness. While Lucky brought good luck and fortune, unlucky brought huge troubles. Most of the time, Mr. Tumblebuddy Flipet struggled to hide the Unlucky Leo as the bad face ruined his writing. Yet, Unlucky Leo was allowed by the author to write. At time, both lucky and unlucky fought with each other.

The eBook has some finest details exhibited beautifully. It briefs out the typical factors that influences the writing. For instance, when the negative face exhibits, it influences our writing. It ruins the introduction or the passage. Mr. Tumblebuddy Flipet tells you how to narrate the introduction, form the characters, structure the story, hide the negative elements and much more.

Every individual has a writer inside. As a kid, not everyone is exposed with an opportunity to explore and explode the hidden writer. We can provide innumerable opportunities to kids to improve their writing habits.

Why not encourage your kids to develop writing? Read this story and enjoy it.

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