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What is a hand book? Hello kids, do you have any idea? No?

The Hand Book is all about Hands. Hands are one of the important parts of the human body.

How many hands do you have? What are the basic functions of the hands? What are the parts of the hands? How many fingers are there in each hand? Do you know different types of hands?

Now I’m listing out a few actions you can do with hands!

  • You can eat
  • You can write
  • You can bounce the ball
  • You can point at someone
  • You can carry the objects
  • You can clap
  • You can play games
  • You can fight
  • You can play instruments

Kiddies, can you list a few more actions you can do with your hands?

Hands can get dirty when you play outside. It can be washed. You can put the hands in your pocket. Hands are large and small, tall and short, old and young! It can be thin and fat. It can be healthy and weak!

Not every living being in the world has hands. Birds don’t have hands. In case of animals, their legs become hands! Remember, hands are not legs and never can they be, except monkeys.

The words are very simple. The language is easy to understand. It has rhythmic words.

Knuckles-wrinkles, signs-lines, fat-cat, etc.

There are antonyms – Tall-short, warm-cold, young-old. This simple eBook has many elements to educate kids.

Whole content is illustrated beautifully with suitable pictures. The pictures speak it all. Usage of different shades of colors makes it more interesting to read.

This book is a beautiful composition of different functions of hands crafted in a simple way that a toddler can understand completely. EBooks for kids such as The Hand Book makes an excellent source of learning for younger ones. Parents would love these kinds of simple narrative books for children. These kind of similar of eBooks for kids being a part of Early Childhood Education would be highly beneficial for them.

Feed your comments about the actions you can do with hands kids!

Highly recommended! Don’t miss it.

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