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Children should be taught the important values and morals of life. Hurting others or making fun of others is one of the worst habits that every child should keep in mind. Everyone, rather, every object in the world is meant for some purpose. So, we should not make fun at others. Learn this important life lesson and value from this eBook for kids, The Golden Balloon.

The Golden Balloon, as indicated by its name is the story of a golden balloon. All kids love balloons. There are balloons in different shapes, colors and sizes. When inflated with air, the rubber material becomes a balloon.

Balloons share an important place in birthday parties. It was a birthday party. All balloons were inflated. There were balloons in various colors and sizes. The balloons were very proud. Suddenly, they saw a lengthy oblong balloon (with no air). It looked very thin and long. Other balloons started making fun on the golden balloons. The golden balloon felt ashamed, yet remained silent. Every other balloon started praising other balloons and criticized the golden balloon.

Suddenly the clown appeared. He tied all the inflated balloons. The kids also arrived at the party. The clown then opened a box of un-inflated balloons. The golden balloon was happy to see the balloons like him. The clown started to blow the air to the balloons using a pump. The kids surrounded him. With lengthy balloons, he crafted different shapes as requested by the kids. One kid asked about the golden balloon. The clown said, he planned something special for golden balloon. He blew air into the golden balloon and made it a sword. Yes, the golden balloon became the centre of attraction. The golden balloon was so happy.

A kid asked the clown to give them the balloon bunch to play. The balloons who laughed at golden balloon shivered as the kids may burst them. What happened to those balloons?

The eBook has a beautiful story narrated in a simple tone with nice moral for children. However, the images aren’t really attractive. A story featuring colorful balloons has a lot of scope to spread the colors. It is the only downbeat to the story.

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