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You know how to draw a cow, how to draw a super cow, isn’t it? Not sure about super cow? Check our eBook on how to draw a super cow! The instructions are pretty simple. This ebook is a continuation of how to draw super cow, a coloring and drawing edition. In this ebook, you will learn to draw super cow performing different things.

What are the things you can learn to draw? Let us see.

First, practice how to draw super cow! Next is to learn how to draw super cow with a flower in the hand! The third picture is super cow carrying a kite in the hand, of course, this is something very simple and easy to draw. Forth picture is kicking a ball! Just draw a ball near the foot of the super cow. Next is about super cow flying in the sky at night. Then super cow becomes the super man and helps someone. There are few more images.

Now, you can form a simple story based on the given images. For instance, once upon a time, there lived a super cow! She loves flowers. She used to play with balls. During night, she becomes a real super woman. She gets super powers to fly in the sky! Etc etc.

Named as coloring edition, the book has no colored pictures, which might not attract the kids. The ebook contain the pictures of a super cow in different postures with objects. Coloring? No! The ebook doesn’t brief the instructions to draw different pictures, like cow in different postures. We all knew to draw super cow in a standing position. However, there is no instruction to draw various postures of super cow in detail. Initially, you can download the ebook, then get the printout and motivate your child to color the pictures of super cow.

This is essential as the kids would need step by step instruction to get the drawing right.

Download / Read Online (26 Pages : 5.49 MB)
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