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Old French Fairy Tales is one of the classic collections. It was a popular book, now regenerated as an eBook to enlighten the children. The eBook has five amazing stories, segmented into different parts enabling an easy read. Each segment of the tale has sub-titles.

Each tale has different plots and themes. The stories have beautifully illustrated black and white sketches as well as few colored sketches.

The first story, BLONDINE, BONNE-BICHE, AND BEAU-MINON is about a kind and generous king, who had a loving wife and a beautiful daughter. While the queen died at a very young age, the king married another queen to take care of his princess. However, problem arises when the princess was frightened at the new queen. The princess left her kingdom and others found her lost. What happened to her?

The second story is Good Little Henry. Henry was a good boy and he lived with his mother. His mother showered him unconditional love. His mother was sick and they suffered due to poverty. He had big dreams and the story is all about his dreams getting fulfilled.

Third story is a tale of king and his daughters, where the elder twin daughters were intelligent but bad, the little daughter is so good. This is also a fairy tale.

The fourth tale is about a widower and his daughter. They lived happily but the crisis arises when the daughter asked the key to open their garden house.

The fifth story is a lengthy one and it is about a beautiful lady who lived alone in a farm house. She has a servant. Life was beautiful until she saw an ugly big toad!

These are the ideal bed time stories for younger children. In addition, kids aged 8 + years can give it a read. The tales enlighten the kids as well as improve their language proficiency, vocabulary, reading ability, etc. Above all, the children would spend their leisure usefully.

It is hard to find the tales or books for children as good as this eBook! Unlike a few fancy stories, the classic collection of stories is just wonderful. Now, the precious book is made available for the current and even future generation to enjoy such amazing stories.

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