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The goodness of the habit of savings for future and cutting down the lavish spending is beautifully narrated in an inspiring story for children, Elias in the Village of Uncle Euro!

The title of the eBook story sounds different, but the story is quite inspiring and interesting to read. Written by Anna Kondis, a popular children writer has narrated the story in simple and easy language.

Now, let us have a glimpse at the story of the little boy Elias!

Elias is like any other boy in the world. Like you and your friend! He is fond of toys. He has hundreds of toys in different varieties. Yet he isn’t satisfied with the toys he had. He had the typical habit like most of the kids. He used to trouble his parents to buy him everything he watches in the television and see in the shops. Don’t you do it?

One day, as usual he developed interest in a game he just saw on the television. He rushed to his mom and asked her to buy the game. His mom said she and his dad will think about it. Elias was adamant. His mom told that they bought enough toys for him and the new game wasn’t so important. Elias spoke harshly that his parents weren’t interested in spending money for his happiness. She asked him to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, but only earned! Elias failed to understand.

Elias was unhappy! He had a dream where he met a cat. The cat was so hungry and asked him to serve a fish. But Elias needed money to buy a fish and serve the cat. The cat told him that he should do some work and at the end of the day, he would be tired. As a token of appreciation, he would be rewarded with paper money or coins by a Euro Uncle. As directed by the fish, Elias helped trimming the tree and removing the debris. He earned a penny and bought a fish. Again and again, in order to feed the fish, Elias worked.

It was a dream indeed! Was he able to realize the truth about the earning money? Spending lavishly isn’t a good habit! Money doesn’t grow on trees. Savings is indeed an important ritual that every child to develop. These are some essential life lessons that every kid should be familiar with. Read the story.

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