Famous People Born in The Month of April

It is widely believed that people born in April are patient, brave, outgoing and firm. It is said that their peppy outlook on life brings about a breath of fresh air wherever they go. They value their relationships and are often the agony aunts of their circle. They are some of the best people you can be around despite their vengeful anger and their aggressive attitudes when they are upset. They are the ones you can depend on to get you out of trouble when you are faced with difficulties. People born in this month are controlled by the dual forces of the zodiac sign Aries and the planet Mars. They are also natural leaders and are usually attracted to sports, engineering and military as career choices. April has seen a number of famous people in all walks of life. From sports, films to politics and the military, a number of famous persons born in April have excelled in their fields of interests. Let’s take a look at some of the famous people born in the month of April.

April’s famous people

Charlemagne (born on 02 April, 0742): Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great was a medieval ruler, widely regarded as the most famous and powerful leaders to ever reign over Europe. He is also known as the ‘Father of Europe’ by some historians. He was the emperor of Western Europe and during his reign, he brought into place a number of laws to keep his empire organized and also encouraged learning.

B.R Ambedkar (born on 14 April 1891): Dr. B.R Ambedkar was the architect of the Indian Constitution. He was a leading activist and social reformer who dedicated his life for the upliftment of the backward sections of the society. He is widely regarded as the messiah of the downtrodden and he fought for the eradication of caste discrimination that had fragmented the Indian society.

Leonardo da Vinci (born on 15 April 1452): Leonardo da Vinci is a renowned architect, mathematician, musician, sculptor, engineer, inventor, anatomist and writer. He is widely regarded as a true Renaissance man who excelled in several fields. He is respected even today for his contribution to the world of academia.

Charlie Chaplin (born on 16 April, 1889): Charlie Chaplin is one of the most famous actors of the silent era. His name is synonymous with comedy and humor in a career that spanned over 75 years. He influenced many comedians and filmmakers and is regarded the founding fathers of the comedy genre.

Adolf Hitler (born on 20 April 1889): Adolf Hitler was an Austrian born politician who went on to become one of the most feared leaders of the modern world. He instigated the 2nd World War which shattered the world and ordered the death of more than 6 million Jewish citizens owing to his hatred of the community.

Queen Elizabeth II (born on 21 April 1926): Elizabeth II is the queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations. Her reign began after the death of her father, King George VI in 1952. She is now the longest reigning monarch in the world, breaking the record set by Thailand’s former king Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Vladimir Lenin (born on 22 April 1870): Vladimir Lenin was a Russian communist philosopher, the founder of the ‘Soviet Republic’ and a follower of the ideology of Karl Marx. Lenin is remembered as the leader of the Bolshevik Party which played an important role in bringing reforms in Russia.

Sachin Tendulkar (born on 24 April 1973): Sachin Tendulkar is widely regarded as the greatest cricket player to ever have graced the sport. Born in India, he is regarded as more than just a famous sportsman, rather he is revered as the ‘God of Cricket’. He is respected by sportspersons from across various fields and is well-loved around the globe.

William Shakespeare (born on 26 April 1564): William Shakespeare is one of the greatest playwrights in the world. Born in England, he lived during the Golden Reign of Queen Elizabeth I. He wrote a number of famous plays that are well-loved and studied in academic circles even today.

Famous People we love this month

April as mentioned earlier is ruled by people who are born leaders. They excel in the field that they choose and many of the most famous people of our generation which includes famous actors like the late Health Ledger, Rober Downey Jr, Jackie Chan, entrepreneurs like Mukesh Ambani are all renowned April born personalities.

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