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Adult Frogs

Did you know; adult frogs fall into the category of carnivorous animals. They eat anything and everything that is smaller than them, including other frogs.

Salt and Ants

Did you know, salt is an anti-ant element! Yes, without the need of using the chemicals, you can sprinkle the salt on the doorways, sills of windows and any other places where the ant sneaks!

Eating with Forks

In ancient days, eating with forks was considered immoral and shameful.

God Bless You

‘God Bless You’ was a legal saying, like ‘Your Honour / My Lord!’


Did you know; Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump!


Is there any kid who does not love to eat chocolates? Obviously very few! However, you cannot feed the chocolates to dogs. Chocolates affect the functions of nervous system and heart in dogs, and may lead to death.

Fast Food Colours

Red, Yellow and Orange colours stimulate hunger. And this is the reason most of the fast food restaurants feature these colours.


Did you know, France, the beautiful country is the most depressed country of the world! One fifth of the population is suffering from moderate to severe depression!

Most Lived People

The top 10 people who lived the most years are women!

Hearing Music

Did you know; hearing favourite music not only releases the happy hormones called dopamine, but also aids in boosting overall health and immunity.

Soul Weight

Did you know; according to studies, our soul weighs 21 grams. This is a proven fact, and the weight of the soul (i.e. life) is determined by weighing a man just before a few minutes of his death and immediately after his death!

Okinawa Island

Did you know; that an Island in the world has more than 500 people who have crossed 100 years of age and are living healthily and happily! It is in Japan, and it is called Okinawa Island!

Inventor of Spectacles

Did you know, the inventor of spectacles is not known!

Sound Speed

Did you know; sounds travel three times quickly in water than in surface?

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