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Did you know the size of the SUN? It can literally hold around 1.3 million earths.


One acre of hemp provides more quantity of papers than one acre of trees.

Number 13

Mayans have worshiped the number 13, which is considered a ghostly and unlucky number, as a lucky number! Interesting, so what about 7 and 11.


Did you know, the butterfly was originally called as FLUTTERBY!

Chameleon Tongue

Did you know the animal whose length of the tongue is double the length of its body? The CHAMELEON

Favorite Song

Did you know; if you have a favorite song, the song is your favorite because it is linked with an emotionally pleasant event in your life.

Plastic Waste

More than 90 percent of waste materials in the ocean are PLASTIC.
Reduce usage of plastic to save environment.

Letter - i

Did you know what the (dot) is placed in the top of the letter (i) (letter I in small letters)?
It is called tittle!

Camel and Rat

We all know that the camels are called SHIPS OF THE DESERT, as it can survive for days without water. Did you know that rats are more powerful than camels and can survive without water longer than a camel.

Sharing Your Goals

Did you know, if you share your goals with others, there are 50 percent chances that you may not achieve it. Sharing the goals and objectives reduces the motivation, says the studies about motivation.


Did you know what the Hyena cry is called?

Blue Whales

Did you know; elephants are the largest land animals, but are 30 times smaller than a blue whale!


Did you know that the beautiful little baby dolphins are accompanied by their respective mothers for a period of 3 years from birth.

Pink Color Lake

Did you know; there is a lake that is beautiful bright pink in Australia. Yes, a lake in pink color and it is called Lake Hillier. Unfortunately, until now scientists cannot figure out the reason why it is pink in colour.


A phobia, what we called as fear of something has been passed down through our DNA through memories! If you are afraid of something, probably you carry the genetic fear effect in your DNA.


We all knew how beautifully Kangaroos hop! Did you know Kangaroos balance? Not with legs, but with tails. If you hold their tails, they cannot jump!


Did you know; ostriches are faster than horses. If you organize a running competition, horses may never win!

Rhymes Words

Did you know; you will not find any rhyme words in English for the words Orange, Month, Purple, and Silver.

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