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Alexander Graham Bell

Did you know; the inventor of telephone, Alexander Graham Bell never made a call to his wife or mother. Why? They both were deaf!

Fake Flamingos

Did you know; the number of fake flamingos in the world is almost double of real flamingos.


Did you know that Banana is actually a berry, but Strawberry is not!


Did you know how penguins propose? Penguins give a pebble as a token of expressing their love!

Body Parts

Did you know; most parts of our body will be gradually replaced in 7 years. We are not what we were before 7 years.

Charlie Chaplin

Did you know amazing information about Charlie Chaplin? He came in the third place in a competition “Charlie Chaplin Look-Alike.”

Bacterium in our Body

Did you know, we have a pool of bacterium stored in our body? Every adult human being contains around 10 pounds of bacteria in the body!

Doctors of USA

Did you know, around 42 percent of Doctors who work in the United States of America are Indians! This percentage is closely followed by NASA Scientists – around 40% Indians!


Did you know many people die because of deodorant! Yes, more than 1000 people die just because of the allergic reaction caused due to deodorants. Be wary!

Ants Never Sleep!

Did you know, the ants never sleep! There are more than 1 million ants in the world for every human being! Just imagine, how many ants survive in the world!


Did you know butterflies have two eyes, which contain thousand lenses! Surprisingly, they can see only red, yellow and green colours!

Elephants Can’t Jump!

Have you ever seen an elephant jump? Elephants cannot jump! In addition, it is the only mammal that cannot jump!

Folding a Paper

Did you know, you cannot fold a paper (it may be any size, any length or width) more than seven times. Try it!


Don’t you love to drink fresh water? Glaciers store about 75 percent of fresh water in the world.


Did you know often thirst is mistaken as hunger and many of us tend to eat something, which makes people fat!

Most Traded Product

Did you know, petrol is the most traded product in the world, which is closely followed by COFFEE!

Digital World

We live in a digital world with computers and smart phones. Reading habits shifted from newspapers and magazines to computer.

Did you know that the speed of reading is 25% slower than a book? Yes, you cannot read faster when compared to reading from the paper.

Hot or Cold Food

A few of you may like to eat food hot and a few may like to eat it cold. Did you know, if you eat hot or cold food, the food is either cooled or warmed in the mouth before it is moved to the digestive tract?

Planet Mars

Did you know why the Planet Mars appear red? The planet is covered with rust.

Never Grows

There is a vital organ in the body that never grows from birth until death! It remains the same size. Guess, it is the eyes!
Alternatively, hair and nails grow even after death.

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