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Spelling Bee Word List for Grade 1 Students

Spelling Bee Word List for Grade 1 Students

The words given below can be used for Spelling Bee contests for year 1 / grade 1. These words mostly have two syllables, and consonant blends, but are simple enough in meaning and pronunciation, to be suitable for grade 1. Please select words according to the readiness level of your students.

also, cart, fine, mad, sob, toy, after, care, few, more, sack, two, about, cabin, glad, most, soft, train, act, crow, good, move, same, thumb, actor, chin, great, must, soap, tree, ago, cheek, hand, miss, sure, trip, air, chop, head, mind, sore, under, aloud, cold, heart, meet, seat, vet, above, clay, heel, mole, sunny, white, apron, cloth, hall, merry, save, wear, apple, clip, iron, mouse, size, wife, ash, come, ill, name, shape, wire, away, candy, jacket, nice, shame, wine, brain, cup, job, over, sheep, wipe, belt, day, jail, pack, shine, wall, brave, doll, line, paw, steam, west, buy, door, lane, pail, stone, wave, bold, dry, liar, poor, steel, wait, band, dust, later, pool, spoon, wheat, bun, dove, lay, pick, spit, whale, but, dew, lips, pink, smile, your, boy, enter, loose, pay, snail, yours, better, exit, lame, queen, tick, yet, best, fail, left, rain, tall, yes, blue, from, life, road, time, yell, blouse, farm, like, ride, tiny, year, beat, flag, lemon, room, too, yellow, burp, fair, love, rice, tooth, zoom, bull, fall, low, rose, test, zig-zag

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