ICAS - Sample English Paper A

Read Calamity Catherine and answer questions 1 to 8.

Calamity Catherine

Calamity Catherine
Is my sister.
She doesn’t listen to me;
Does love to pester.

She sleeps like a log,
Eats like starved;
Chases me like a dog
When she is truly mad.

Calamity Catherine
Can be a nuisance
Except when she’s asleep
Looking so much at peace.

She trips over everything,
Dances on the table,
Breaks every breakable thing
And never tells sorry.

“You are such a nuisance,”
I tell her.
“Don’t talk such nonsense,”
She tells me.

But despite everything
Despite the chaos and the din,
Despite the biting and bickering,
She’s part of my life, I know.

  • What does Calamity Catherine do when she is angry?
    A. chases her sister
    B. sleeps peacefully
    C. eats food
    D. does nothing
  • “Sleeps like a log” is an example of
    A. a metaphor
    B. a simile
    C. personification
    D. assonance
  • When is Calamity Catherine at peace?
    A. When she is eating
    B. When she is fighting
    C. When she is asleep
    D. When she talks
  • “the biting and bickering” is an example of
    A. alliteration
    B. metaphor
    C. simile
    D. assonance
  • When the author says Calamity Catherine is a “nuisance” she means that she is
    A. secretive.
    B. energetic.
    C. annoying.
    D. dangerous.
  • The author calls her sister Calamity Catherine because she
    A. is loved by the family.
    B. sleeps a lot.
    C. often causes trouble.
    D. gets mad.
  • For questions 7 and 8 choose the CORRECT option.
  • Choose the best word to complete the following sentence.
    John knew he was safe _________ he saw his father arrive with the policemen.
    A. however
    B. when
    C. but
    D. although
  • Which statement is punctuated correctly?
    A. “Are you alright, asked Sally?”
    B. “Are you alright,” asked Sally?
    C. “Are you alright?” asked Sally.
    D. “Are you alright? Asked Sally”.
  • For questions 9 and 10 read the following and choose the best option.
    Harry spotted Bernie’s bright orange backpack in the distance and rode fast to catch up with him.
    “Let us meet up after class today for badminton.”
    “Sure,” Bernie said in between mouthfuls of nuts, as he eyed the new bike Harry was riding.
    They went down the alley, where they saw a circus clown performing.
  • Which word from the text is a verb?
    A. bright
    B. badminton
    C. nuts
    D. ran
  • Which of the following words from the text is DIFFERENT in meaning?
    A. spotted
    B. eyed
    C. rode
    D. saw

Answers 1. A, 2. B, 3. C, 4. A, 5. C, 6. C, 7. B, 8. C, 9. D, 10. C

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