Top 8 Tools Simplifying Learning for Kids

Nowadays there are numerous diverse learning tools that aim to simplify the education process for children. Such platforms convert complicated topics and subjects into gaming form that is better and easier perceived by kids. Simplifying the learning doesn’t entail the lowering of the quality of education and knowledge. It mostly aims to make education available for everybody as some kids may have certain barriers in attending classes at schools.

We have collected the popular and basic learning tools that make the education process fun thereby engaging kids in studying more than traditional lessons.


Bookshare is an extensive online library available for children with particular reading barriers or disabilities. All books available on the website can be played aloud with the integrated AI text-to-speech option. Actually, children need to get documented proof of their health problems to receive free access to Bookshare. However, if you are ready to pay at least $1 per week, you can access the online library with no limitations.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic content for kids is capable of helping children explore different topics, countries, and their cultures, flora, and fauna in a much easier and more entertaining way than it usually happens at schools. The website offers different types of useful content including:

  • scientific articles that are written in a simple form;
  • documentary videos which are commonly easier to perceive compared to articles;
  • games and quizzes where kids can check and consolidate their knowledge in a specific area.

National Geographic Kids can not replace school learning paths but can be an additional resource to figure out the complicated school subject or widen the overall outlook.

Curious World

Curios Worlds is an extracurricular learning platform for kids of 2-7 years only. This website claims the high level of safety for kids like the absence of links to other sources, no advertising, and other obstacles that may interrupt the seamless learning process. Each user gets an individual learning path considering the current age, goal, and interests of a kid. Depending on the development level, children get access to an online library with books, learning videos, and games related to different subjects like math, biology, painting, and more. To get access to the entire content pieces at the Curious World, users will have to pay a symbolic sum of $7.99 monthly or $5.42 annually.

NASA Kids’ Club

NASA Kids` Club will suit children starting from 10 years old. This is a version of NASA investigations for kids where authors write and make videos about space and science in an easy-to-understand way for children. And when children get everything they read and watch, they are willing to stay more engaged with the topic. Along with the general scientific articles, kids can read about all space missions that NASA has ever done, check the picture of the day from each of the current space missions, and watch the live streaming from space which is really exciting even for adults. In addition, children can download some material like videos, articles, podcasts to have the opportunity to replenish their knowledge later.


There is a little percentage of kids that study at school and love reading any type of content. NaturalReader aims to make their lives easier and provide the text-to-speech option. Pupils can load the text they need to read and make it aloud which gives them the ability to listen to it on the go or be occupied with another home task. This tool is capable of saving time for other important school activities and also helping kids widen their knowledge in a particular area with no extra effort. As a benefit of using NaturalReaders, it is completely free and accessible for any browser on your PC or other devices.

Highlights Kids

Highlights Kids encourage children who are between 6-12 years old to explore unknown subjects. Actually, the website contains videos and blog articles where children tell different stories from their lives and share their experiences about school education, relationships with parents and classmates, favorite activities, and so on. So this platform is designed for providing communication between children of the same age and has more entertaining character than learning. Although, such discussion between kids can also teach them valuable information and insights and that may come in handy in their further learning. More videos with children’s stories are also available on the Highlights Kids YouTube channel.


Bamboozles is a huge online library with more than 750.000 games and quizzes that aim to educate children in different subjects in the playing form. Such a learning form can be much more efficient than just attending classes at school as children need to be constantly focused and engaged in playing to show positive final results. The games are available for children of different ages and skills. Users can choose the subject and languages they want to play in and get access to numerous different quizzes. Moreover, some games are suitable for groups of children so teachers can surely implement such games for the entire class.


Rewordify is a great online learning tool that provides the option of simplifying the text for kids. Some books and articles can be hardly read due to the awkward writing style and words. This website is capable of converting complicated content into clear and easy-to-understand text for children of all ages.

The con of Rewordify is that it is able to change only English-written text. Nevertheless, kids can see the initial and final version of the text which can be a useful tip for writing their own article in the future. Rewordify is completely free and available from any browser you use. Also, the tool will show no results if the original text is simple already.

To sum up

When parents select the schools and educational path for their kids, they need obviously to consider the abilities and preferences of the children first. If a kid doesn’t like what he/she is doing or learning, then parents will not receive a positive result from that activity. According to the writing service Supreme Dissertations, such online learning tools aim to choose an individual learning path for each kid considering their hobbies and interests. There are no complicated subjects or topics. The problem can lie in the form it is provided to children. And digital learning platforms give children the opportunity to choose what and how they want to learn.

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