How to Merge or Split PDFs With Power PDF?

Throughout the course of a project’s development, several modifications occur. When your team participates in their goals, they frequently create and work on numerous PDFs. Finally, the end scores must include all of the PDFs that comprise the final project documentation. Rather than having a dozen individual PDFs, the ideal approach is to use the Kofax Power PDF to merge them into one.

You may also need to pdf splitter or generate shortened handbooks for certain members of your team. You may also separate the PDFs and extract pages from pdf if you only need to share a portion of the information rather than all of it. We’ll go through how to use the Power PDF to handle both sides of this method in the sections below.

The Step-by-Step Method for Combining and Merging PDFs

Kofax created Power PDF to be simple and easy for your staff to understand and use. You may merge or extract pages from pdf by following the easy steps below:

  1. Select “Document Assembly” from the “Pages” tool group on the main menu Ribbon in Power PDF.
  2. Rearrange the pages that are already in your PDF by drag & drop them where you want them.
  3. Right-click on the area where you want to make the modification to insert, replace, remove, or pdf splitter.
  4. To validate your changes, choose a place and save the PDF.

For novice users, the merging procedure is incredibly user-friendly and simple. Your staff will soon understand how to utilise Power PDF to handle many documents.

The Step-by-Step Method for Splitting PDFs

Similarly, Power PDF or pdf splitter may be used to split pdf into pages. The procedure is significantly different than merging, although it is still simple:

Open the multipage PDF in Power PDF, then pick “Split Document” from the main menu Ribbon’s “Tools” tool group to split pdf.

  1. Choose “Split by Pages: Pages as a document.”
  2. Enter the number of groups or pages you want to split the document into.
  3. Choose a location for the new files, and Power PDF will store them there.

Regardless of how vast the papers you’re working with are, your team may quickly break them into more manageable sizes and decide which pages should be in different documents.

Making Power PDF Work for You

Your staff will undoubtedly discover that Power PDF makes it simple to handle PDFs. For instance, contracts, Medical data, financial instruments, and legal documents must all be updated and analysed in different ways. Power PDF is versatile enough to suit any industry while also being strong enough to modify any document. Maintain the security of your critical records while allowing your team to alter, merge pdf, and divide them.

Before Power PDF, split, update, recombine was a time-consuming and tedious operation. Businesses had to devote substantial effort to each change, whether it was adjusting page numbers, introducing new sections, or updating the table of contents. You may now save your time by using the Power PDF.


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