Top 15 Best Online Learning Tools for Kids in 2020

Now with the coronavirus outbreak, we are forced to spend more time inside. Working or studying from home will be the new normal, and even though parents can easily get used to it, for our kids the change will be brutal. 

Going to school is not only about gaining knowledge, but also about socializing, playing, and making new friends. All these contribute to healthy mental development and children need the experience of going to school to learn more things about themselves and the others. 

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the time, and studying from home might be distracting and boring. But thanks to all technological advancements, kids can now learn a lot of new things through online learning apps or tools. Besides learning English or other foreign languages, they can develop their math, science, or art skills. Kids can learn with fun by playing the educational games like Multiplication Games online.

According to experts from assignment help, these are the top 15 best online learning tools for kids in 2020. 

1. ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is one of the most popular online learning platforms for kids aged 2-8. It offers a wide variety of courses on math, social sciences, art, science, and reading. Your kids can interactively gain knowledge through games, puzzles, song activities, animations, and so on.

There are 10 levels of proficiency and kids love using this platform because of its reward system that keeps them motivated. This platform is entirely secure and ad-free, and your kids can even personalize their avatar. You need to pay $9.95 per month to have access to ABC Mouse, but you can try it for free for one month. 

2. Starfall

Starfall is the best online learning tool for kids that have difficulties learning. This platform has been built by someone who had dyslexia in childhood, so it is of huge help for kids that have this problem.

It encompasses courses in math, reading, sciences, art, and foreign languages and it can be used by children in kindergarten to grade 3. 

3. Reading Eggs

This is another online learning platform that all kids should use. They can begin learning to read as soon as 2 years old by watching videos and playing educational games that teach them the alphabet.

The best thing about this online tool is that its teaching methods are based on scientific research and most parents have noticed an improvement in their kids’ reading abilities after using it. 

4. Cool Math

Math gets more and more complicated as we age and begin to learn it, and most kids might see it as a difficult challenge. Cool Math is a platform that helps children learn the secrets of algebra and calculus funnily and interactively. 

5. Wonderopolis

We all know that children are very inventive and creative and ask a lot of funny questions. While some are easy to answer, others are more complicated. Wonderopolis is the online learning platform that answers some of the kids’ questions. They offer information on topics such as culture, arts, science, math, and social sciences. 

6. CodaKid

Given the recent expansion of technology companies, knowing how to code might turn to be a valuable asset. If your kids are passionate about coding, then CodaKid is the right platform. A group of teachers assists your kids in their journey of developing games and apps. This platform is designed for kids aged 8 or above and the subscription is quite affordable. 

7. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic stands like an outstanding source of knowledge about nature, animals, the universe, and everything that surrounds us. They have designed a free platform for kids aged 6 to 14 where they constantly add new and fresh content. They also have another platform suited for kids aged 3 to 6, called National Geographic Little Kids.

The best thing about this platform is that it has an Interactive Map where children can explore the geography of a specific country, learn about its people, culture, environment, and government. 

8. PBS Kids

We know that all kids love cartoons and have some favorite characters. And this is exactly what PBS Kids does. It uses familiar characters to help children develop their problem-solving skills and critical thinking funnily and interactively. The content is free and can be used by anyone. PBS Kids is designed to awake the imagination and creativity of kids while helping them gain knowledge. 

9. MetKids

MetKids is an online learning platform “made for, with, and by kids”. It is developed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and it can be accessed through their website. They aim to help kids develop a sense of art and learn more things about art history interactively and interestingly. They can also use their Time Machine to explore different periods and discover inventions and innovations. 

10. CodeWizardsHQ

CodeWizardsHQ is the leading online coding school for kids and teens ages 8-18. They deliver the most fun and effective live, online coding classes for kids which are designed to give students the programming knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in a digital world. CodeWizardsHQ’s mission is to prepare students for success in the digital world by teaching them how to code. The real magic happens in the classroom where their exceptional teachers use a student-first approach to teach real programming languages like Python, Java, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript.

11. FunBrain

Developers of FunBrain had understood that kids better learn by repetition and playing games. And this is exactly what they have built. An online learning platform for kids from 1 to 13 years old, who can learn more things about math, science, or culture interactively. The downside of this tool is that it features ads. 

12. BrainPop

BrainPop was developed a few years ago by a pediatrician who wanted to offer kids a platform where they can find the answers to all their questions. Children always ask “why” and this platform is the one where they can find answers on topics such as health, arts, culture, science, and technology.

It also has a branch, BrainPop Jr, well suited for kids at kindergarten. They can learn the basics of reading and writing, and as they grow up, the difficulty level increases, and the topic horizon expands. 

13. SumDog

This is another online learning tool designed for kids from kindergarten to eighth grade. Their focus is on math and spelling through interactive and funny games. The best thing about this platform is that it has an in-built learning platform that analyses the pace of your kids, their strengths and weaknesses, and offers a valuable learning experience. 

14. NASA Kids’ Club

Every kid wants to explore the universe and be an astronaut. And to help kids learn more about space, NASA has designed a branch that helps kids gain knowledge in this domain. Their website is not so extensive, but it is a great place to start. They have designed interesting and informative videos and games, as well as, written articles for kids. 

15. Kids World Fun

Kids World Fun is a web portal with learning resources suited for kids aged 6 to 12. You can find here stories, poems, books, games, jokes, videos, study materials, and offline activities ideas that would be of interest to your children. The information presented is not very scientific or academic. The website is free, but it has ads. 


We must be lucky that we are living in an era of technology, where there are so many online learning tools for kids. They can gain knowledge on various subjects, such as math, reading, science, art, culture, space, science, and many more. These platforms offer excellent learning experiences for kids through their interactive maps, videos, games, and offline activities. 

Author Bio: Ashley Simmons is a professional journalist and editor. She has been working in a newspaper in Salt Lake City for 4 years. She is also a content writing expert and writes college papers in such topics as psychology, modern education, parenting, and marketing innovations. She is a master in her craft.


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