The Perfect Kid’s BBQ Party

If you are planning your kid’s party and want to host it with a BBQ theme, there are many different ideas to make it a party to remember. Bring family and friends together for an outdoor event for all ages.

7 Ideas for Making the Perfect BBQ Party

1.   Choose a Specific Theme

Throwing a BBQ party can be fun when you add a specific theme to the event. Decide on a theme that relates to your child and will inspire the guests to enjoy engaging games and tasty food that pair directly with your idea. You could create a Hawaiian vacation or campout BBQ theme to bring festive flavors and entertainment to the event. The theme is a great place to start planning your BBQ party.

Bring your theme to life by purchasing dishware, plates, cups, and decorations to fit your idea. In addition, create a menu that pairs with the topic and design games and prizes to bring it all together.

2.   Plan and Prepare Ahead

When planning a BBQ, there are many components to organize and put together for it to run smoothly. Plan what you will eat, play, and drink early. Start shopping for decorations and non-perishable items as soon as possible. The day before or the morning of the party, prepare as much food as possible. This way, the food is ready to take out and serve at the time of the party.

Set up the volleyball net and horseshoe area the day before. Cut all your vegetables and fruits early and store them in your outdoor refrigerator for easy access. Preparing for the party beforehand will give you more time to enjoy your child’s party and make memories with them.

3.   Side Dishes

Decide on your side dishes and prepare as many beforehand as you can. You can easily store side dishes in a patio refrigerator, where you can quickly grab the food to set on the table or replenish empty containers. Veggie and fruit trays, cheese and crackers, and chips with various dips are excellent dishes many people enjoy at BBQ events. Pick your child’s favorite dish or a dish that compliments your theme well and enjoy the delightful tastes.

If you have a large number of people, you also can create a potluck-style side dish table. Ask each person to contribute a side dish of their choosing or one that fits the party’s theme. You will have an excellent variety of food and new recipes.

4.   Grill

BBQs center around the grill. The grill is the night’s feature, and what you prepare on it will be discussed throughout the time. Many kids enjoy a simple hotdog or hamburger. However, your party may want a little more flavor. Instead of hotdogs, grill a roast or brisket on the BBQ grill island for the adults and children to admire and savor the delightful tastes.

5.   Variety of Drinks

Drinks are a fantastic way to start conversations at events where you are hosting. By asking for drinks, you are opening the door to continue the conversation by quickly asking other questions, like how your kids know one another. Have a variety of adult and children drinks to offer everyone when they arrive.

Pre-make your adult mixer drinks and have water, soda, or juices readily available for the kids. You can add theme drinks to the mix to encourage your party idea, like pineapple juice for Hawaiian themes or fun bug juice for a campout theme.

6.   Games for All

Kids love playing games, and one of the best parts of the party is watching them run around interacting with one another. Choose games that connect with your theme, like a hula hoop race or scavenger hunt, and make them enjoyable for kids of all ages. Have games in an area away from food but close enough for kids to know when to come to the grill island and indulge in the delicious meals.

7.   Dessert

A BBQ is not complete with the delightful taste of a dessert. Cool and refreshing or fire-side treats are winners anytime you BBQ. Grab some camp cooking kits to allow kids to make s’mores or for kids to enjoy the thoughts of a luau.

Start Planning Your BBQ Party

Whether you choose a Hawaiian luau, campout, or different theme, BBQ parties are for everyone. Invite friends and family to celebrate your kids with a party full of great food, drinks, games, and entertainment.


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