Using PDFs as Containers Tips

How to use PDF as container? First let’s explain the context of this question, PDF can embed other PDF files and non-PDF files in PDF, such as office documents and web pages. By using this function, you can distribute the external files referenced in the PDF document and the original document file of the application that created the PDF along with the PDF file.

There are two ways to handle this embedded file: “Attachments” and “File Attachment Comments”. While the names are similar and confusing, PDFs internally manage attachments differently and create them differently. Below is a brief description of their differences and usage.


Attachments are a way to embed other files directly into the body of a PDF. For example, in Acrobat, attach it from the Attachments menu of the Tools content editor. Antenna House’s “PDF Tool API” (product for developers) allows you to add attachments to PDFs, extract attachments, and delete attachments.

Attachments do not affect the display of the PDF itself. Attachments are unpredictable, they just mean that there are other files in the PDF. Adobe Reader opens the attachment viewing panel to display a list of attachments. From this panel, you can delete attachments, retrieve them, and more.

Portable Collection

PDF1.7 added a specification called Portable Collections to specify how attached files should be displayed. This is a function that specifies how attachments are displayed. Acrobat refers to the portable collection feature as composition. From Antenna House’s “Shunkan PDF Edit 7”, an add-on application “PDF Portfolio/Electronic Envelope” that enables portable collections has been added. Various files can be collected as attachments to PDFs prepared as covers, and a collection can be set.

The next screen is the operation of attaching Word files, HTML files, Excel files, PDF files and text files to the PDF cover in “PDF Portfolio/Electronic Envelope”. In this example, we will use the prepared cover PDF as a container for various files.

Readers that support collections (compositions) can display files attached to created PDFs as icons and preview them.

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Convert PDF to word

Convert pdf to word is a conversion tool based on a web server, which can easily convert PDF format files into freely written Word documents.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Visit the homepage of AbcdPDF platform and click “PDF to Word”.

Step 2. After coming to the Convert pdf to word page, click “Upload file” to select the local PDF file.

Step 3. After the upload is completed, select “Convert” to convert, and a percentage progress bar will appear on the page.

Step 4. After the percentage progress bar is over, come to the following interface, click “Download” to download to the local.

After completing the above operations, you will get a Word file that is basically the same as the original PDF document. Then, with the help of the clipboard function of the Word document, we can accomplish the purpose of storing files more efficiently. The clipboard supports text, pictures, graphics and other types of content, and each copy operation will be automatically recorded.

When we need to paste content, just click the content in the clipboard.


How to use PDF as container? The above content introduces 3 ways to store files in PDF, among which Convert pdf to word can directly convert files into Word format, which is convenient for users to handle freely.


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