The Impact Of Sleeping On An Old Mattress On Your Child’s Health

The amount of sleep your child gets at night is just as important as the sleeping conditions, such as the mattress and the bedroom environment. As reported by, many children have continued to sleep on an old bed their parents purchased a long time ago, affecting their sleep quality.

A mattress may last for an exceedingly long time, but they are meant to be replaced after some use. Additionally, the user of an old mattress is likely to suffer from severe health issues.

Major Kid’s Health Impacts of Using an Old Mattress

Getting quality sleep is one of the most vital necessities in your child’s daily life. At first, it might not appear like a big deal, but we spend an average of 50% of our lives asleep. That is not all. We all experience lethargic and dull days when we fail to dedicate enough time for sleep, and we have no choice but to spare enough time to ensure we get the proper hours of sleep every night.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and remorseful for failing to take care of our bodies, for instance, by failing to clock the proper hours of sleep and constantly relying on coffee to get through the day. Unfortunately, coffee is not the solution and can impact many aspects of our everyday lives. Worse still, it is estimated that over 70 million Americans are struggling with sleeping disorders.

The priority has to be finding a solution by establishing the cause of the sleeping disorders affecting many children. A bad mattress is one of the most frequent causes of sleeping problems. For instance, no one should continuously sleep on the same bed for more than ten years as this can cause numerous health conditions with a severe impact on the user’s body.

The negative health impacts of sleeping on an old mattress include the following:

»  Reduced Physical Support for Child’s Body

When new, a quality mattress is firm and can adequately and evenly support your body. Most people forget that the bed weakens and sinks every time the user lies on it, gradually compromising its strength and firmness.

At the start, the lowering of the mattress from bodily weight is tiny, but after many years of use, the mattress’ firmness is severely reduced. By checking the current state of your child’s bed and comparing it to when it was new, you will see a big difference.

We advise you to buy a new mattress immediately when you feel your current one is not supporting your child’s body well. But many wonder what causes an old bed to lose its firmness and turgidity.

Waking up in the morning with back pain or pain in parts of your body is one of the most significant drawbacks of using an old mattress. That is because the old mattress fails to support your child, forcing the body to align in awkward positions and which causes morning stiffness and sore body the next day. Such prolonged body strain will increase body pain and discomfort for many days and require physiotherapy. You cannot allow a lousy mattress to ruin your child’s health.

»  Old Mattresses Cause Allergies and Hoard Insects

Many people are unaware of the allergies and insect-related skin irritations caused by old mattresses. Most house appliances and apparel start to get old and dirty after a long duration of use. This principle is particularly true for mattresses because of their extensive surface area, and the large area makes it easy for dust mites to land on your child’s bed and pose a challenge.

Some symptoms may include sneezing in bed, developing a running nose, or watery eyes. Your child may also wake up with a stuffy nose every day when a mattress is infested with dust mites. Other people prefer to deep clean their mattresses. But, it is an expensive option and does not guarantee the required results. The secure way to deal with the problem is by buying a new mattress for your baby.

In extreme cases, the bed bug can invade the old mattress; a standard old mattress holds tens of millions of tiny bedbugs. The number of bugs will increase as the mattress ages and undermine your child’s health and chances of getting a good night’s sleep. With an old mattress, your child has to contend with dead skin and body oil, and only a new bed will give you the comfort your baby needs to sleep better at night.

»  Sleep Deprivation

Apart from suffering body pain and stiff back every morning, your child will experience the effects of not getting any sleep at night. As earlier mentioned, the number of hours children sleep has no real relationship with the quality of sleep needed. For this reason, one may sleep for 12 hours and feel like they only slept for two or fewer.

After prolonged use, the distortion of the bed has been a leading cause of sleep scarcity among many individuals. The only reliable way to fix a deformed bed is to buy a new one. You may overlook a few days’ worth of sleep deprivation, and however, the health impacts are enormous in later days.

Later in life, the accumulated health issues can rack up and develop into serious complications. You have to regularly inspect your child’s mattress and ensure he/she gets the comfort needed to rest well at night. It is easy to replace a bad and old mattress that is causing discomfort every day than your child’s more precious body parts.

»  An Old Mattress Causes Allergies and Asthma

An old mattress could be making allergies worse. Older beds often store dust and mites, which have allergic reactions in the user’s body. Dust mites look for warm habitats such as bedding upholstery and mattresses. Your baby may be suffering from allergies if he/she has the following symptoms:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Runny nose

An old mattress can cause asthma in the user. Asthma symptoms include chest pains, a constant cough, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. If your child likely develops these symptoms when he/she lies or sleeps on a bed, it may be time to buy a new mattress.

»  Stress

Getting quality and enough sleep is one of the most effective ways to reduce or get rid of mental fatigue and stress. An old mattress may significantly limit one from getting the rest their need to kick start the next day, raising their stress levels. The quality of your kid’s bed can cause seriously disordered such as insomnia if no remedy is undertaken. According to a specialist, an uncomfortable raises cortisol levels in the body, causing stress.

»  A Distorted Mattress Causes Back, Neck & Joint Pain

An older and worn-out mattress could be the reason your child is experiencing body discomfort. However, neck pain can be caused by his/her pillow, but a sagging mattress is equally often the guilty party.

»  Worn Out Mattress Can Cause Snoring

Snoring can be caused by different factors, including sleeping on an old mattress. An old mattress fails to support your kid’s weight, causing him or her to snore evenly. An old mattress tends to take the sink inside according to the child’s body shape and weight; sleeping in some positions blocks the airways and causes snoring.

Also, snoring can lead to other health conditions such as sleep apnea which can be fatal. One of the most frightening things about snoring is the snoring person does not know they are doing it. It is always good to let someone know if you hear them snoring to look for the required solutions.

»  Rapid Increase in Weight

In modern times, obesity is one of the leading health issues affecting many people in the country. On its own, obesity should be a health concern, and it worsens other health conditions. If your baby cannot get good sleep, consider changing the mattress as an old sunken bed may cause him or her to overheat and lack sleep, causing mental stress. One way to reduce stress and weight management is to get quality sleep every night.

»  A Bad Mattress Damages the Immune System

Particularly when the winter season is ending, illnesses tend to spread faster. The best strategy to fight these illnesses is to strengthen your kid’s immune system by ensuring quality rest each night. On the other hand, an old mattress weakens the child because the body struggles to rest and reenergize for the next day. One healthy tip is getting a new one to guarantee your baby sleeps well and makes his/her body stronger by the day.

»  Lack of Sleep Causes an Aged Skin

Children’s eyes are likely to get puffy when they are not getting enough sleep. An old mattress will not let them sleep comfortably, and their eyes might start to show that. Everyone looks nice when they have rested well, hence the beauty of rest/sleep.

»  Reduced Memory

Our everyday responsibilities require us to remain alert and maintain a sharp memory all the time. Our brains have been designed to bring together all long-term memories, including information, when we are deep asleep at REM level. Your child has a greater chance of suffering from memory lapses or impaired memory if he/she cannot sleep well, and a bad mattress will hinder from getting the rest for a sharp memory.

»  Cardiac-Related Problems

Lack of enough sleep worsens other pre-existing health issues, risking people to heart problems and high blood pressure. Your baby needs to rest well on a quality new mattress and minimize the chances of developing cardiovascular illnesses.

»  Depression and Anxiety

We have to pay enough attention to the state of our mental health. Getting quality sleep is one of the best habits and remedies for mental stress and depression. We are not asking that your child should sleep for too long.

However, bear in mind that you can cure a lot of mental anxieties by getting sufficient sleep.

Getting enough sleep helps one sustain the proper energy levels, reduce stress hormones, and support overall mental health; a kid’s mattress could affect his/her stress levels by denying ample rest.

In Conclusion

Admittedly, other things that you can do to boost your child’s sleep quality include eating a balanced diet, often exercising, and staying away from caffeine and blue light. In addition to these factors, consider the age of the mattress and its ability to support the child’s body during sleep. Additionally, seek professional medical help to determine the cause of your child’s sleeping disorder and the required solution if needed.

You and your child need quality sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle and one way to ensure you all sleep better is by investing in a quality mattress.


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