Choosing the Best Mattress for Kids: Quick Guide for Parents

Sleeping is an essential aspect in the growth of your children. It aids in recovery after a long day and it restores their energy for the next day. Optimizing the sleeping habits of your children can be a hefty task if you don’t know where to start. The basics of getting a good night’s sleep is getting the best mattress that will fit the needs of your growing kids. Consider this quick guide made for parents on choosing a mattress for kids.

Child Assessment

Before picking out the mattress for your kid, assess their needs first so that the mattress can greatly provide the vital points essential for growth. Check if the kids need great mattress support, if they are still wet in bed, if they have insomnia, and body aches on pressure points.

Mattress Options for Kids

Like the ones for adults, there are more than one mattress types that can cater the specific needs of your child. Go over these options to know which one will suit them best.

  • Memory foam mattress – this is among the most popular ones that work well in keeping a cool temperature. It also responds well to body pressure, so it is highly comfortable for those who sleep with slight body pains. This mattress provides a hugging sensation, and has minimal motion transfer so it is perfect for kids who sleep with their siblings or parents.
  • Innerspring – this kind of mattress is among the best ones for children who like to play around the bed because it just offers a great playful bounce. This kind of mattress also provides great durability and will last children for years.
  • Latex mattress – kids who need great support will likely to get the best sleep in this mattress. This mattress also lasts for a decent amount of time.
  • Eco-friendly mattress – this mattress has gained popularity among kids with various allergies. This mattress is made of organic and natural materials. It is commonly hypoallergenic and is great for kids who are easily irritated with the chemicals of the usual mattress.

Size Matters

Considerations of getting the right size is a very important factor because kids grow fast. Mattresses come in different sizes. There is a baby mattress for crib use, and specific toddler mattresses. The perfect size will highly depend on the age of your child, the space you have at home, and your budget. Here are the common mattress sizes for kids:

  • Twin mattress – this size is usually fit for a single child inside. This is best if you want to develop independence at an early age. This is usually the one preferred by parents because of its affordability and how it can’t be easily grown out.
  • Twin XL mattress – this slightly larger mattress is great if your child grows in height at a fast rate. Because it is longer compared to the twin mattress, this is great if there are still other smaller children in the household that may benefit this mattress in the future.
  • Full mattress – this is the best size for those parents who want to cuddle with their children in bed and for those who want to sleep with their siblings. This is among the best sizes there is for those who have more than one child and still want to save space.

Firmness of the Mattress

Sleep experts at Sleepmatters say that level of firmness matters because this determines how hard or soft the entire sleeping journey is for the child. Foam mattress firmness levels are measured by density. The higher the number, the firmer the mattress is. The best level of firmness depends on what the child wants. When going on mattress shopping, you can ask your kid what level of firmness provides the best comfort.


A good mattress lasts for at least 8-12 years. But it also depends on the stress it goes through. Knowing how kids can be jumpy around the bed, your choice of mattress should cover the durability that ensures it still feels as comfortable, soft, and relaxing, after all the stress it has been up to.

Other considerations

  • Waterproof – there are specialized kids mattresses that cater to the water and milk spills, pee, poop, and everything that you think can seep through the mattress. This consideration should be weighed on how long the kid can stay on the mattress. You can also add a waterproof cover to keep it dry underneath if having a waterproof mattress is beyond the budget.
  • Off-gassing – children are sensitive to smell, and they can get allergic to certain types of odor that will come out right after mattress purchase. Off-gassing is the usual odor you get when you unpack the mattress at home. There are a lot of mattresses that modify its chemical composition to ensure that there is less off-gassing and will be up and ready for use right after purchase.
  • Safety – get a mattress with a great edge support for children. Kids tend to roll-over a lot at night and it is common for them to fall out of the bed unknowingly. This can cause various injuries. Make sure to check the bounce and the edge support of the mattress before purchase.
  • Cleanliness – it is hard to maintain a clean mattress with children. And over time, dust mites will tend to accumulate in the mattress. Choose the ones that are dust mite resistant to have it easily maintained over the years.
  • Mattress Topper – kids outgrow their things easily. They also tend to grow fast and the easy sign to look for is their weight gain. To provide further support in the mattress, a mattress topper is an option instead of buying out a brand new mattress for your child.

Aside from restoring energy, sleeping is also vital for your kid’s learning and rapid growth. Without the adequate quantity and modest quality of sleep, children will tend to be lethargic the next day, and will impair many aspects of their physical and mental growth. Investing in a great mattress will not only help them achieve the best sleep possible, it will also reassure parents that their kids are getting the rest they deserve.


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