Top 4 Online Paraphrasing Tools To Avoid Plagiarism In Your Research Papers

A research paper is an academic report of your findings on a specialized topic. Writing a quality research paper is a dream for every academic. Students write it to get professional degrees and scholarships while professors write to establish their position among the academics.

For any paper, the key is to present your research on a subject, which should be of high quality. The writer first establishes a problem, backs it up with related literature on it, formulates a methodology to get data on that subject, and then concludes his paper by driving results from his observation.

Top 4 online paraphrasing tools to avoid plagiarism in your research papers

After knowing the consequences, now let’s learn how to avoid them. Many people struggle with plagiarism because they don’t know how to rewrite previous research in their own words. Once you can’t do it, you go for word-for-word copying, which is blatant plagiarism.

The easiest way to avoid that is by using an online paraphrasing tool. These tools are equipped with advanced NLP algorithms enabling them to rewrite any research paper to help you avoid plagiarism. The rewrite is grammatically perfect with contextual accuracy. The tool can also improve overall text quality to give a professional outlook to your research. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

This section contains a list of the top 7 online paraphrasing tools which you can use to avoid plagiarism.

1. comes at 2nd due to its linguistic versatility and ease of work. The tool possesses a very simple site design and user-friendly interface.

It can rewrite a text in 3 modes

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

The level of rewriting gets advanced concerning paraphrasing mode.  The tool can translate your research paper into more than 80 different languages. To make things a bit more awesome, it is available on Windows, iOS, and Androids.

However, perhaps the only deficiency lies in aided features. The absence of a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, or content generator can be felt.

It is recommended for professionals looking for a quality solution in a quick time.

2. is a perfectionist’s dream. For people looking for a specific type of rewriting in their research paper, this tool works like a magic wand.

It offers 5 different types of paraphrasing modes

  • Human
  • AI Robot
  • Plagiarism Remover
  • Grammar Checker
  • Sentence Structure

You can tweak your research paper for the desired mode.

The free version can rewrite a word count of 5000 in one go. And it can translate the rephrased version into more than 20 different languages.

However, it is recommended for professionals who know the type of rewriting they want. Novice writers can get puzzled while using these modes.


Experienced writers know that academic writing is a completely different ball game from content writing. The styles, argumentation, and way of presenting both writings aren’t the same. is a tool that has been specifically developed to rewrite academic pieces. It can reword your research paper as per universally acclaimed academic standards.

However, the tool only has one rewriting mode. And it doesn’t have its own aided features either.

It is recommended for writers who only need basic changes to their initial draft.

4. SpinBot

Spinbot is a tool with perhaps the largest rephrasing capacity in one search. It can rewrite more than 10,000 words in one go.

The tool can alter the research in 3 different modes

  • Shortest Version
  • Default Version
  • Longest Version

These modes have been differentiated based on length. You can decide the right mode based on your required word count.

The free version lacks aided features. The premium version is available at monthly, half-yearly, and yearly prices.

Plagiarism in Research Paper

A research paper is about your input on a problem. It tests your subject knowledge and problem-solving skills. However, some people try to copy certain parts from others, which kills the actual purpose of it.

Plagiarism means stealing or copying someone’s ideas in your research papers and claiming them to be your own.   As per academic norms, whenever you give a reference to research or quote an author, you need to give him credits. If you don’t do it, it is considered intellectual theft.

Consequences of plagiarism in research paper

Plagiarism in research papers can damage you in ways that you can’t imagine.  To stop you from going on this road, we have compiled a list of consequences that it can entail.

  • It is a stain on your academic reputation.  Esteemed researchers no longer take you seriously.
  • If a student is caught plagiarizing, his whole year would go in vain. The examiners don’t entertain such papers at all.
  • You can be banned from research if it is a repeated mistake.
  • Universities might offload such professors or students who are guilty of plagiarism
  • If the whole paper is copied, the original author can sue you in a court of law. You must bear the monetary loss.
  • In some cases, it results in jail time as well.

We hope these are enough to prove our point.

Final Words

Writing a quality research paper is the magnum opus for every educationist. To do that, you need help from online resources.

For people lacking confidence in their writing skills, paraphrasing tools are the best choice. They can give a professional outlook to your research paper.

This article has highlighted 7 online paraphrasing tools which can remove plagiarism from your research paper. Making it look authentic and unique!!!!


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