The Best Ways for You to Preserve Family Memories

As the years go by, it might feel like some of your best moments happened almost too fast, and eventually, all that is left is a blurry memory of the days you thought will remain forever in your mind.

So, as you take a stroll down memory lane, watching your old memories dusty in a box, you might feel like you want them to be more present in your life. After all, these are valuable reminders of who you are and where you came from, so what would be better than preserving them in a way you can interact with them constantly?

Honoring Precious Memories Through Photographs

For decades, photographs have been one of the main media we use to keep our memories alive and record our existence for future generations. In the words of the iconic Karl Lagerfeld, photographs “capture moments” and then the moments are “gone forever”.

Digitize Your Photos

We all own one of these incredibly delicate and irreplaceable old photos that seem about to crumble under pressure, and it would be a tragedy if you lost the only copy of it. So consider turning your beloved treasures into digital archives and uploading all of them to the cloud.

This way, if anything ever happens to the physical copies of your photos, you still have access to those images; you can even reprint them. Also, you can watch them whenever you want without the risk of damaging them and share them with people that will appreciate this beautiful reminder of the past.

Display Your Photos

Why only enjoy them when you deep clean the house? Once you have a backup of your photos, take them out of the album and get creative displaying them around your home.

This is an excellent activity if you and your family enjoy getting crafty; try turning them into magnets and placing them on the fridge so you can be reminded of these beautiful moments whenever you’re in the kitchen. Create unique collages with them or craft a mobile to display all your favorite photos in the same spot.

Turn Your Photographs Into Art

If ruining your photos is something that concerns you, and you’re artsy, maybe try redrawing them! This activity will entertain you and your family while you bond and create new memories together. When you finish, consider giving it to another member of your family, they’ll love it, and it will be a very touching gift.

Now, if you’re not artsy or you would like to get a piece made by a professional, go to Instapainting. You can get a custom portrait in various mediums inspired by the photo you choose and display it instead of the actual picture. This commission would also make for a heart-warming personal gift. 

Frame Them and Give Them to Your Loved Ones

Keeping the photos with your relatives in an album is terrific; you can enjoy them from time to time and go back to that moment for a second. But you know who would enjoy them just as much? Your relatives!

Give one of your precious memories to the person in the picture with you and have a nice time talking about the good old days for a while. Next time you visit that person, you might find the photo proudly displayed where they can fondly remember you.

Remember to Record Now and Then

While photos are significant and can contain a lot of information, videos help you remember more vividly the context you were in when it happened. Don’t you sometimes look at a picture and ask yourself what was going on at that moment?

Well, if instead of taking a photo, the person who took it would’ve recorded it, you wouldn’t have to wonder that. It’s a way to have a bit of the past with you and revisit it whenever you want.

Most Important, It’s Okay Not to Have Proof

Even if we would love to re-watch our favorite moments, not having footage doesn’t make it any less memorable. You were there, you lived it, and although you might not remember everything precisely as it happened, you will never forget how happy you felt that day.


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