Discovering the Roots: 6 Engaging Activities to Spark Your Kids’ Interest in Family History

As parents, we often strive to instill a sense of identity and belonging in our children. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by introducing them to their family history. Discovering their roots not only helps kids develop a stronger sense of self, but it also fosters a deeper connection with their heritage. In this blog post, we will explore six engaging activities that will ignite your children’s interest in family history and create lasting memories.

1.  Reviving Generational Games

Bring the past to life by introducing your children to games that their grandparents used to play. Delve into the nostalgia of simpler times by teaching them classic games like marbles, hopscotch, or jacks. Encourage your children to learn the rules, practice their hand-eye coordination, and engage with their grandparents in friendly competition. This activity not only bridges the generation gap but also creates a sense of connection as they experience the same joy and laughter that their grandparents once did. Playing these games will not only be a fun-filled experience but will also provide an opportunity for storytelling, sharing memories, and creating lasting bonds with their grandparents.

2.  Preserving Ancestral Memories Through Digital Restoration

In this digital age, preserving old family photos has become easier than ever before. One exciting activity to introduce your kids to family heritage is to restore digital copies of old ancestors’ photos. Let your children use a special photo restoration program to colorize and enhance the quality of these photos. They can learn about different editing techniques and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving family memories. Once the photos are restored, encourage your kids to send them to relatives, sparking conversations and connections across generations.

3.  Creating a Memory Book

Another engaging activity to bring family history to life is by creating a memory book. Gather photographs, documents, and stories about your ancestors and compile them into a beautifully designed scrapbook. Involve your children in the process, allowing them to curate the content, write captions, and express their creativity through illustrations. This hands-on activity will not only deepen their understanding of their family history but also create a tangible keepsake that can be cherished for generations to come.

4.  Making Culinary Exploration

Take your kids on a delightful culinary journey by cooking and tasting traditional family recipes or favorite dishes that their grandparents used to enjoy. Gather the recipes from your parents or grandparents and involve your children in the entire process, from shopping for ingredients to preparing and cooking the meals together. This shared experience will not only introduce your kids to new tastes but also create a sense of togetherness as you bond over the delicious food and the memories it evokes. To make the experience even more meaningful, consider documenting the recipes and the stories behind them. Create a family cookbook or a scrapbook that includes photos, handwritten recipes, and anecdotes from each cooking adventure. This tangible keepsake will serve as a treasure trove of family traditions and can be passed down through the generations.

5.  Crafting a Family Tree

Embark on a creative journey with your kids by crafting a family tree together. Start by gathering information about your family’s history, including names, birth dates, and any other relevant details. Encourage your kids to ask their grandparents and other relatives for stories and anecdotes that can be included in the family tree. By involving your kids in the process of crafting a family tree, you not only instill a sense of pride and belonging but also foster their curiosity and appreciation for their roots.

6.  Exploring Ancestral Home

Take your children on a journey to explore the places where their ancestors lived. Visit the towns, cities, or even countries that hold significance in your family history. Encourage your kids to document their experiences through photographs, journal entries, or even short videos. This immersive activity will provide them with a sense of connection to their roots and help them better understand their family’s story.


These six activities will help you spark your children’s interest in family history and create a lifelong connection to their roots. Through these simple yet meaningful actions, your kids will develop a deeper appreciation for their heritage. As they embark on this journey of self-discovery, they will not only gain a sense of identity but also strengthen their connection to their family and ancestors.


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