The Best Baby Photographer in DC

Children are the flowers and light in our life. The most touching and happy moment in a family’s life happens when a couple becomes parents. It remains in the memory for a very long time. Showing this event on a photo is the greatest method to preserve this.

Nothing is more treasured than a picture of our kids that will remind us of a lighthearted, happy childhood, especially if the baby is tiny!

If photography is a unique form of art that captures memories, the photographer is a creator of a masterpiece.

Nataly Danilova Photography studio is the place where you and your kid are surrounded by attention and care providing the opportunity to enjoy the photo shoot. This studio is a cozy corner in a busy and crowded city. Here is the most comfortable atmosphere!

Nataly Danilova is a skilled photographer and a mother of many children. She is an expert in all types of family photo shoots. This includes images of little children of all ages as well as pregnant women who are awaiting the birth of their child.

Among all baby photographers in DC Nataly Danilova is the best and highly qualified professional. She is a multi award winning baby and newborn photographer.

She started her photographic career in 2004, after her twin boys came to life. By the way, after them daughter and another son were born. It was the start of a great story.

The studio had already seen over 5,000 satisfied clients. Many of them come back to us with two or three children and transform from a young couple who are awaiting to welcome their child into a big and happy family. 

Nataly Danilova is a true fan of what she does. Photography is a way of life, not just a hobby or a way of earning money. 

She handles each photo shoot with great creativity and responsibility, putting into it a piece of her soul.

She has her own special style that differs from any other. The abundance of colors and flowers makes the composition unique, bright and memorable.

Baby photography in DC

In our large and spacious studio area of more than 1500 square meters, there are two large spaces.
One of them has white walls and elegant large french windows that allow for soft light. Decorating vintage furniture perfectly complements the interior. 

The second is perfect for newborns. It is fully equipped for a tiny baby and contains everything you need from the changing table to the snacks. 

The photo shoot with the child is always very exciting! Children are always happy to take part in the process. The photographer knows how to lure a child and treat every baby with love and kindness. 

We are celebrating our 19th anniversary in photography! During this long journey, we have done a lot of work and created many unforgettable photos. We don’t stop improving. In our studio you can do boudoir and portrait sessions now. We are grateful to every family that trusts us. We enjoy creating beauty for everyone!


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