Why Is Photography A Great Hobby?

by Dr. Shanthi Thomas

Are you a person who likes to take photos? Have you ever thought of starting photography as a hobby? If you have, read on to see why you should definitely take it up as a hobby.

1) Accessible to anyone

Anyone can get good at photography as long as they have the interest. Your age, gender, fitness level, technical knowhow – none of these matter as long as you have the interest. Even people with disabilities can pursue this hobby. You don’t even need much time to pursue this hobby because photos can be taken in a few minutes, but if you have a lot of time, you can stretch your photo taking to a few hours too, experimenting with different angles, lighting etc.

2) Captures memories

Life is short and fleeting, and the few wonderful moments we have on this planet earth are definitely worth capturing! Documenting one’s life in terms of photographs is something that is worthwhile to do, not only for oneself but also for others. For this reason, a good photographer is in great demand whenever there is a function or a ceremony held.

3) Provides challenges

Many people like their hobby to be something that provides some challenges to be overcome. Photography is a hobby that can provide challenges to those who want to take it seriously, and learn the science of it. There are books on photography and classes that teach you about how to take artistically worthy photographs. It is a nice learning curve for those who are interested.

4) A form of self-expression

A good photographer can express himself through photography. Many people specialize in taking photos of particular subjects, such as wildlife photography and sports photography. Their photos will have a particular signature style to it. They are expressing themselves and their interests through photography.

5) Relieves stress

Photography as a hobby is a great stress – reliever. This is because it is quite an interactive hobby in the sense that while taking photos you are interacting with the environment, in some form or the other. If you are taking photos of the natural environment for example, you have to get out of your own self and your worries, and engage with nature. This process of getting out of oneself and one’s problems is very crucial to relieving stress.

6) Promotes creativity

When we think of creativity, we usually think of painting or music or other forms of art. You may be surprised to hear that photography is also or can also be a form of art. All art promotes creativity. Taking photographs at the right angle in the right light so that the beauty of the object, action or emotion being photographed is expressed – that is the creative art of photography.

7) Encourages getting out there

No photographer is satisfied with indoor photography. Photographers naturally want to get out there in nature, travel around and take photos. It is not an exaggeration to say that photography as a hobby promotes travelling and seeing places. Being able to capture memories of being in beautiful places is enough reason for many people to travel.

8) Expands your network

Being a photographer is a ticket to many photography communities all over the world, including online communities which regularly come together and discuss their latest exploits, share tips of the trade and insider secrets. It is a great fellow-feeling to be had, to be part of a community that shares a common interest. Some popular online photography communities are Reddit (r/photography), 500px and Fstoppers. Photography communities such as Clickin Moms and Instagram are incredibly supportive and inspiring.

9) Can be a side income

You can earn some extra cash if you take the kind of photos that are in demand and know the right places online to sell your photos. Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Etsy, Fotomoto, Snapped4u and Crestock are just some of the places where you can sell your photos. TourPhotos is a great platform especially for travel photographers to sell their photos online to an appreciative audience.

10) Brings you joy

The very act of taking photos brings a lot of joy to the photographer. If you are taking photos of people, there is an instant connection with the people you are photographing smiling at you. Everyone loves a good photo, and someone walking around with a good camera is always a hero of the crowd. If nothing else, being able to capture the beautiful, fleeting moments of life is reason enough to take up photography as a hobby.


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