The Best of Disney+: Top 5 Good Kids Movies to Watch with Your Family


Disney+ is perhaps the only platform that has so many good kids’ movies – and the best part is even adults can watch these movies… and that too with zero shame. Anyway, there’s absolutely no shame in watching a good kid’s film – think about it! Didn’t we all watch Finding Nemo back when it was first released?

And that’s not the only example we have for you – what about Dumbo? We were in a hall watching Dumbo with hundreds of children and their parents around us. It’s time we own up that a good kid’s film can lighten up your day. Just like Dumbo lit up my entire day – there are so many other films that you can watch with your entire family!

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The Best of Disney+: Top 5 Good Kids Movies to Watch with Your Family

As we just mentioned, all the good kids’ movies are on Disney+ – of course, Netflix for kids also has good content, but then again, those are REALLY meant for children. The best part about Disney+ is anyone can watch these films – kids, adults, and basically just about anyone.

1. Finding Nemo:

This list would not be complete without mentioning Finding Nemo once – enough has already been said about the 2003 film. And chances are you all have already watched this good old kid’s film.

Nemo is one cartoon character that we love – plus, the animation in the film is one of Disney’s top theatrical achievements of the past decade.

The film revolves around a clownish, overprotective father, Marlin, and his forgetful yet bubbly friend, Dory, as they embark on a journey to find Nemo. The genuine humor, charming plotline, and all the visual spectacles make sure that Finding Nemo always stays a Disney Pixar classic.

2. Toy Story (2):

The Toy Story franchise is perhaps one of the most iconic, not to mention critically acclaimed Disney Pixar classics, with the 1999 sequel holding up pretty well. It’s pretty hard to follow up on any original, but Toy Story 2 was so good.

After the shocking events under which Woody gets stolen by Buzz Lightyear, a crazy toy collection, the rest of the characters embark on an adventurous rescue mission – yep, it’s the Disney vacation you need! But when Woody does meet Jessie, thoughts of forever and immortality start creeping up.

The movie has a character-driven plotline, and the same earned a whole lot of critical acclaim and happened to be superior to the first part.

3. Ice Age:

2002 was a great year considering both Shrek and Ice Age were released during the same time – the best part is how both the films became solid ventures in their own rights.

Situated in the prehistoric age, Ice Age has a creative and fun premise that follows the adventurous exploits of a giant sloth (Sid A.K.A John Leguizamo), a saber-toothed cat (Diego A.K.A Ray Romano), and a woolly mammoth (Manny A.K.A Ray Romano) as they try to unite a lost little human baby with his actual tribe.

Ice Age happens to be an entertaining romp filled with dazzling spectacles and heartwarming themes, making it perfect to be watched with your family – it’s one of our favorite good kids’ movies!

4. The Incredibles:

The Incredibles is one superhero genre that blew up all theatrical spaces after its release. Disney Pixar Animation Studios made a cool spin on the actual premise in the early 2000s, ensuring that the film always has a comfy, special place in our hearts.

We love everything about The Incredibles starting from the cool Disney clothes to the even better animation and the plotline.

The movie revolves around a family trying to hide their special talents as mandated by their government. But Mr.Incredible can’t stop helping people, thereby exposing themselves to the public and also a scary fan-turned-villain.

5. WALL-E:

Another of our favorite Pixar masterpieces has to be WALL-E! It’s not very similar to the other films in Pixar Studio’s library.

In the distant future, WALL-E A.K.A Ben Burtt is a waste disposal robot – the only functioning one left in the world. WALL-E has plenty of time and ends up longing for some romance, some companions – and this is exactly when EVE, A.K.A Elissa Knight, appears in his lonely life.

WALL-E falls head over heels for EVE, who has been sent on a mission – EVE is on Earth to determine whether the world can again be reinhabited by human beings.

And That’s A Wrap!

And that’s a wrap on the top good kids’ movies that you can watch with your family on Disney+ – of course, you will find that there are other options. Disney+ is one of our favorite platforms to watch animated films and even normal kid’s movies.

The point is whether you are into these films, then it’s time to take the Disney+ subscription. Meanwhile, tell us what you think about these films in the comments below.


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