Safety First! 6 Must-Know Pool Safety Tips for Parents

A home with a pool is usually a very positive thing, and if you live somewhere that is incredibly hot then it can be really nice to be able to cool off in the pool, it is also a great place to hold parties, relax, and even do some exercise.

However, there are a lot of considerations when it comes to health and safety, and while this can be annoying to have to think about, it is always worth taking these extra steps when it comes to safety.

Drowning Prevention Tips for Parents

Drowning is the number one consideration when it comes to having a pool. For pets and for children, drowning is a potential issue that you can’t always explain. Toddlers don’t understand your instructions to stay safe around the pool, and pets definitely don’t.

Have your emergency plan in place

An emergency plan is a good idea, just in case, the worst should go wrong. This includes having a phone nearby ready to call emergency services, and knowing how to perform first aid. Every adult should be aware of the emergency plan and a pool alarm may even be worthwhile to ensure that you are getting the help you need. Pool plans may vary depending on your own pool design, of course, and you can consult the professionals if you are not sure what exactly you need.

Be smart about pool services

You should have professionals carry out services on your pool regularly and when you are going to open up ready for summer, a check from the local professionals can make a lot of sense, ensuring that you are not likely to come across errors with electrics or other aspects of your pool.

The timing makes a big difference, if you are going to get your pool checked over then doing so before the season it will be used most makes a lot of sense.

How to Keep Your Pool Safe

Time to think about the design of the pool to ensure that it is safe and nice and easy to keep safe at all times. The way you build a pool and the fencing you create around it are crucial to safeguard people in your home.

Four-sided fence

A four-sided fence is really the minimum if you have children and pets that could otherwise enter the pool. While some people don’t think that this is the most attractive thing to put in their backyard, it is all about doing what is right and being safe. Children and pets can potentially drown in very shallow water, so even if you have a little pool you must take these precautions.

The fence should be at least four feet high and there should not be any weaknesses or openings where a pet or a child could get through. You also need to ensure it is self-latching and that it closes itself, and that all of the controls are well out of the child’s reach.

Build layers of protection

One of the most common regrets of pool owners is not creating different layers of protection. Layers of protection include numerous ways to keep your pool in great condition including a pump, double fencing if required, and any other safety precautions. Take all toys and floats out at the end of a day of playing so that bacteria don’t build up, and clean up properly. Pool cleaning is not just about looking good, it is about keeping the pool in the safest possible condition and avoiding the potential for waterborne diseases.

Keep the pool covered when it’s not in use

Make sure you keep the pool covered if it is not being used, and remove anything like ladders and steps if they are out of use for the time being (for instance, out of season).

You need a cover that properly, and securely fits. If not, it is possible that animals or even children could still get in and end up getting seriously hurt. Of course, the cover is also to avoid foreign objects from getting in which could also contaminate the water.

Don’t leave toys in the pool area

You certainly don’t want to leave anything in the area that might attract kids or pets to the area. Make sure that you clean up afterward and don’t leave anything that might tempt a kid to run over and pick it up.

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When you are not intentionally doing something as a family in the pool, supervised by responsible adults, then it is a good idea to turn the pool into an area where kids and pets really don’t go. Of course, it should go without saying that children need to be supervised at all times, even in a small or shallow pool.

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