7 Ways to Prepare Your Child For Their First Swim Lesson

Are you interested in enrolling your child in swimming classes? Well, it’s a good decision considering the risk of increasing drowning cases among children.

No doubt, learning swimming skills makes a child fit and healthy. Also, joining toddler swimming lessons in Singapore eliminates the risk of mishaps in pools. Now, you might be thinking about how to prepare your kid for swim lessons.

We are here with a solution and are showing you how you can enroll your child in their first swim class easily. 

Try 7 Ways To Make You Kid Ready For Swimming Classes

1. Help Them Feel Comfortable in the Water

The first step toward swimming is making your child feel safe and comfortable in the water. Well, you have to put some effort into passing the first stage.

We would recommend you buy a kid’s bathtub and focus on making your child comfortable in the same. Gently pour some water on their head and face so they will not be scared of water.

Furthermore, you need to allow the kid to kick in the water and blow bubbles while bathing. Once you involve yourself, the activity will become a fun game. And this will ultimately allow children to learn to be comfortable in the water with enjoyment.

2. Engage your kid with role play

Use playtime to develop excitement in your child regarding swimming. You might have seen or heard that psychologists opt for play therapy to assist kids or toddlers. So, you can try this method too. How? Well, it’s simple, use figurines or teddy bears as the characters of the story.

Start with naming your child’s favorite toys (use two characters) and then pretend as if it’s their first swimming lesson. Make a scenario where one is nervous and the second one is excited before swimming class.

Now, show your kid how parents and swimming instructors will help kids to get into the pool and make them comfortable. Also, give surety that parents will never leave their children alone in the water.

Also, if your kid is feeling scared after this role play, then console them and understand their feelings. If your child is already excited to be in toddler swimming lessons, then request the instructor to explain the same thing with role play. And your main goal should be to make children comfortable and excited to join swimming classes. Note the behavior and feelings of your kids; if they are scared, then stop right there and try to comfort them.

3. Equally participate with kids

As the guardian so it’s natural that you will likely be excited as kids. So, for a fun learning activity, parents or guardians must have to participate.

Start your journey by reading books, watching YouTube tutorials, and reading online articles on toddler swimming lessons and safety. Also, you can check out the best institute or instructor for swimming. Hopefully, this will help you to encourage your child to swim.

4. Show some excitement

Your child will consider you (parents) as their first guidance and inspiration. So, they will ask for your affirmation in situations where they are unsure of it.

It’s the truth that your child will enjoy an outdoor if their parents are enjoying it. If parents are ecstatic about classes, the child will eventually reach the same goal.

Also, you can show excitement by asking your kid to help shop for the swimming class. Browse kids swimsuits together, buy them a colorful swim towel, and shop together for other required equipment like goggles. Undoubtedly, these practices will make your child excited and curious about swimming lessons.

5. Start planning before time

Well, if you plan to enroll your kid in toddler swimming lessons at the age of two, start applying techniques before. Use all the above-listed practices at least three months before you take them to the swimming institute.

Start teaching and communicating with your kid. It includes explaining to them about your support, swimming instructor, and what an outdoor or indoor swimming pool looks like. Moreover, YouTube videos and books are the best way to give your kid a better sense of swimming.

6. Lookout your attitude

As you know, children first learn from their parents. So, it’s essential that parents must have a positive attitude toward swimming classes. For example, if a parent is nervous, scared, or uneasy about swim lessons, it will automatically affect the kids.

Another most important thing is to be disciplined and teach your kid about it. Also, come 10 minutes earlier than class timing because your attitude will reflect your child’s behavior. Remember, a child can easily pick up the non-verbal cues of their parents.

7. Get prepared for swimming class

Hopefully, the above-listed tricks will help your child to join toddler swimming lessons without any fear. Now, enroll the name of your child and provide them with all the swimming gear. After preparing your child mentally now, it’s time to ready them physically.

Pro Tip

Now, you have read above the crucial ways of preparing your kid ready for their first swimming classes. We would like to mention one more essential things that a parent should remember.

Don’t force your child.

  • If you have tried all the ways but still your child is scared or non-interested, then never force them.
  • Parents need to understand that all kids are not safe, so their interests.
  • If a child has a lack of interest in swimming, then try to find their field of interest instead of forcing them to join swimming classes.

Last Words

Hopefully, you have understood the duties of parents to make their kids comfortable in their first swimming class. This guide will help you a lot in dealing with your infant, toddler, or young child.

One more thing to keep in mind is deciding whether to opt for an outdoor or indoor swimming pool in Singapore. As per the requirements and weather conditions, you can choose the best swimming pool for children.


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