How to Custom Children Name Stickers for School and Home?

You will always be an unconditional fan of your own children. Their names give you more than butterflies; they are simply your sweetest and cutest pride. The best way to show, reveal and express that pride would be definitely to customise their name stickers to decorate their rooms or identify their possessions at home or school.

Let’s discover one of the most adorable ideas for personalizing your children’s name stickers:

Connect their names to their dreams

If your little angels have already started to clearly express their dreams, the best way to motivate them to stick to their goals is to illustrate them on their name stickers. These stickers would be perfect for decorating their room but not only, they also would be amazing to identify their school belongings.

Associate their names with their favorite cartoon characters

Our kids are too attached to their favorite cartoon characters so that they would love to share and show their passion. Personalizing their room decoration with name stickers displaying their beloved characters would show your attention and love. Your children would also highly appreciate having the same stickers for school.

Add some glitter to make them shine and glow through their names

There is no doubt that your little princesses are fond of glam and sequins. To add a classy feminine touch to their rooms, do not hesitate to opt for silver, gold or glittering name stickers. Apart from creating a magical world in their space, it would give a stylish look to their school things (notebooks, tablets, pencils, and lunchboxes…).

Adopt cute labels for your children’s names

The most adorable thing ever would be to adopt a cute label for all your child’s name stickers. Try to choose an inspiring label that would better describe and represent your kid’s personality. Using these stickers, whether at home or at school would help your child build his own personality and develop his self-confidence.

Ally quotes to your angels’ names

The best way to create an ever-inspiring environment for your kids would be to associate quotes with their name stickers. You can opt for motivational, emotional or meaningful quotes to express your attention, affection and support.

Use funny pictures to add a touch of humor to their names

Fun rimes perfectly with kids, so adding a touch of humor to personalize your children’s sticker name would be highly recommended for home decoration or school possessions. Just wake up your creativity and the child in you to customize the most hilarious stickers ever. You can simply add a funny picture, use illusive effects, a caricature drawing, and bring some action to your sticker. The name decal should be unexpected and unpredictable to guarantee a surprising and funny effect.


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