How Your Family Dentist Can Help You With Preventative Dentistry

You and your family should visit your family dentist on a regular basis in order to have your teeth examined by a professional. A family dentist has years of knowledge in regard to dental problems and the necessary treatments.

They also have experience dealing with entire families, and the different approaches that are needed in order to, say, treat adults, children and seniors. Regular dental checkups are also very important.

Many dental problems, such as cavities, will start off small. However, they will slowly grow over the months and years until they become very painful. By going to your family dentist at least twice a year, minor problems can be nipped in the bud before they become far more serious.

As for what to do in between dental visits, you should follow your dentist’s orders. If you need to wear a retainer, then you should. If you need to avoid certain foods and beverages or need to use a specialized toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash, then you should.

Your dentist will suggest how to best take care of your teeth between visits. By following their suggestions, you will reduce the risk of developing dental problems in the future.

How often should you see your dentist?

You should see your dentist at least once every 6 months for a checkup and cleaning. Patients with chronic health problems may need to see their dentist 4 times a year in order to perform deep cleaning.

Regular checkups are a must in order to ensure that your teeth are in perfect condition. Your dentist will examine your gums, mouth, and teeth for cavities, infections, plaque, tartar buildup, periodontitis, gingivitis, cysts, boils, bleeding, receding gums, bone loss, loose teeth, stains, enamel loss, and even signs of oral cancer.

As such, visiting your dentist may even save your life, as there have been documented cases of people dying from an oral abscess, and there is also a clear link between poor oral health and heart disease.

What is preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is a form of health care that prioritizes optimal oral health. It consists of routine dental examinations as well as superlative dental practices, such as regular brushing and flossing.

Taking care of one’s teeth begins as soon as one develops teeth. Oral health care starts at childhood and will extend well into adulthood. Preventive dentistry services may consist of teeth cleanings, x-rays, and oral exams every 6 months.

Blue Brush Dental, with its commitment to comprehensive preventive care, emphasizes the importance of these routine practices from childhood through adulthood.

Preventive dental care will reduce your risk of developing gum disease, tooth decay, and a myriad of other serious dental health problems. Moreover, it is designed to help encourage you to stay the course as far as proper dental habits are concerned.

For example, you will get into a routine of brushing and flossing twice a day and using mouthwash. In addition, it allows your dentist to diagnose problems while they are still relatively small. Smaller dental problems are easier and quicker to treat, have fewer complications, and are less costly. 

There are also many health conditions that cause dental problems, such as diabetes, bulimia, cancer, and osteoporosis. If you suffer from any of the aforementioned conditions, then preventative dental care is even more important. It will help minimize or prevent many dental health problems that are linked to certain chronic diseases.

As can be seen, a family dentist helps families optimize their oral health care throughout their lives so that they live long, happy, and healthy lives.

What could preventive dentistry help you avoid?

Preventive dentistry is designed to prevent oral health problems from developing in the first place. However, it can also help catch dental issues while they are still small. For example, a small cavity, or a pre-cavity, may not even need to be filled.

Your dentist will inform you of the pre-cavity and will teach you how to care for it so that it does not grow or become a cavity. However, if you avoided the dentist for years, then that small pre-cavity may have grown into a large cavity.

The infection may have spread to adjacent teeth. It may even form a dangerous abscess that could potentially spread to your lungs and heart. You may require antibiotics as well as a root canal that will take weeks to complete, and will cost you thousands of dollars. Or, the tooth may need to be extracted and replaced with an expensive implant.

On the other hand, professional cleanings from your dentist will remove plaque, tartar, and stains from your teeth in order to prevent tooth decay. Your dentist will examine your mouth, gums, teeth, jaw, and neck for gum disease, oral cancer, and other serious dental problems. 

Preventive dental care is very affordable as well. It is intended to reduce the overall health care costs of the patient over the course of their life. You may only have to spend a few hundred dollars a year in order to keep your teeth in immaculate condition. You will then enjoy a beautiful and glowing smile that will help boost your self-esteem and confidence as well.

Why Oral Health Matters

Unfortunately, some people do not put much effort into taking care of their teeth. They may feel that their teeth are useless or inconsequential, and may eat and drink with reckless abandon. In truth, however, your oral health is crucially connected to the rest of your body.

By taking care of your teeth and gums, you will reduce the risk of developing heart disease as well as certain types of cancer. Seeing your family dentist every 6 months will ensure that your teeth and the teeth of your children are in good condition and are developing as intended.

Any dental problems that are discovered will be rapidly treated before they become complicated and expensive issues. 

Your children will also be taught how to properly brush and floss their teeth, as well as which food items and beverages to avoid, in order to enjoy amazing smiles well into their adult years.


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