Steps to Take Before Beginning a Research Paper

A research paper is an essay in which you summarize the findings after a thorough investigation of your subject. You might have searched for custom research paper writing services to get an idea. You incorporate data from sources including books, journals, interviews, and websites into your research work.

You also draw on your thoughts, information, and judgments. Sometimes just starting a research paper is the most challenging aspect of writing one. We have enlisted some useful steps to help you compose a meaningful research paper below:

Top 6 Steps to Take Before Beginning a Research Paper

The best 6 steps to consider before beginning to write a research paper are:

1. Recognize the Task and Establish a Schedule

One of the major issues students run into while starting a research paper is a lack of comprehension of the task. Make sure to ask the instructor, or other students, or stop by the writing center if you have any questions. There are a few specifics you need to be aware of:

  • Duration required for the paper (pages, number of words)
  • The style of citation the professor prefers
  • Source types and number restrictions (websites, books, articles)
  • Whether the entire document is due on a certain date or whether separate parts have different due dates.
  • More formatting information (footnotes, subtitles, heading, double-spacing)
  • Create a schedule based on when things need to be done and how long it will take.

2. Choosing a Subject and a Question

It is time to select a specific topic or question to research once you have determined what the assignment is about. When selecting a topic, keep the following in mind:

  • Is this subject pertinent? – You might want to get the professor’s permission.
  • Make your paper’s focus more specific. (Aim to be as specific as you can.)
  • Pick a subject that not only piques your interest but that of the reader as well.
  • You might want to select a query that your essay will address. In this manner, your hunt for information when conducting research will be focused.
  • Your thesis statement may eventually be determined by the response you come up with to this question.

3. Conduct Research

It is now time to start researching the subject after deciding on the approach you want to use for the article. If your question changes, that is acceptable as long as your paper responds to the new question and not the original. There are many benefits of a research paper and you can fulfill your purpose accurately. When conducting research, keep in mind the following things:

  • Utilize a range of sources, please (Internet, books, journals, video, interviews, etc.)
  • Spend the necessary time researching. Allow at least two hours for every research session as this will be the most time-consuming section of the paper.
  • Keep copies and records of all the data you gather. To avoid having to go back, gather all the bibliographical data while you are conducting your research.
  • In case you need to retrieve the information later, make sure to note where you found it as well.
  • Try to personalize the information. To prevent plagiarism later, it is beneficial to paraphrase the content on your terms while you take notes. Make sure to note it if you use direct quotations from the source.

4. Gather Ideas

Once you have selected the appropriate subject, gather your observations and various points of view. To produce a well-researched paper, work with others. You can form groups with other students and talk about a range of subjects. Children can learn to read and write at an early age through various helpful tools and techniques, thanks to technological advances. It will broaden your perspective and provide you with more knowledge.

Additionally, you can get helpful advice from subject-matter experts. The development of technology has made it simple to communicate with educators all around the world. You can reach out to folks online if you need more details and see what advice they have. As a result, you will be able to bring an effective piece.

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5. Create an Outline

After compiling all of the research, it could be beneficial to structure your ideas using an outline. You must organize your notes and connect the material that makes sense as a whole to create an outline.

An outline should be set up in the following way:

Introductory part (Thesis Statement)

  • The first paragraph’s main heading or concept
    the first supporting detail; the second; and the third
  • The second paragraph’s main idea
    the first supporting detail; the second; and the third
  • The third paragraph’s primary concept
    the first supporting detail; the second; and the third


Make an effort to make each paragraph around the same length in terms of information. You might be able to compose your paper directly from the information in your outline, depending on how well-structured it is.

6. Compose a Rough Draft

Do not put too much strain on the first draft because you will write several of them. When creating a draft, bear in mind the following:

  • Attempt to write in your style. Don’t merely spout facts that have been researched. Add your observations and ideas.
  • Whenever you use a source, even in a draft, don’t forget to cite it.
  • Do your best to maintain as much organization as you can. The reader will be better able to comprehend your point this way.
  • Proofread your manuscript after you have finished writing it


If you keep in mind all the above-mentioned steps, you can easily compose a research paper. You will not have to spend extra time planning things when it’s this simple.


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