5 Best Books to Study Child Behavior

The personality and healthy moral principles in life are formed from an early age. It is essential not to lose the right moment to help children start developing their individuality. By growing psychologically healthy children, we overall improve the consciousness of our society, making it a better and safer place to live. When parents learn the specifics of child behavior and development deeper, they know what help their kids require and how to support them during different periods in their lives.

Surely, there is no unified approach that completely suits all kids, and each kid requires an individual approach and methods due to their age and personal progress. When the concerns are worked out in an early stage, then kids can avoid many challenges and problems in adult life—at college, university, work, personal life, and other spheres, otherwise, the probability of success becomes higher.

Why do parents need to study child behavior?

Learning the child’s behaviors and development can be beneficial for parents as well as people who are willing to become psychologists and other physicists in the area. Being aware of the different stages of mental development, its specifics, and potential difficulties gives parents the benefit of being prepared for different complexities and knowing how exactly to care for, support, and talk with their kids. While studying school, kids go through various stressful situations, they learn how to build relationships with others, and far not all people can be nice. It is vital to talk about all these stresses and complexities in communication with other children to avoid deepening the psychological traumas that can ruin adulthood.

There are different methods to find out more about child behaviors and how to behave as a parent. So, parents can attend special learning courses with or without their kids, can attend psychologists and provide a psychologist for their kids, can read the modern literature and scientific articles, etc.

5 best books to study child behavior

Therefore, we are willing to share with you the compilation of the best book to learn the child’s behavior to enable the growth and development of their personalities.

Building Emotional Intelligence: Practices to Cultivate Inner Resilience in Children by Linda Lantieri and Daniel Goleman

Generally, being intelligent includes various components, one of which is emotional intelligence. This is the ability to control your emotions, to use the right emotions according to the circumstances, to learn and recognize the emotions of other people, etc. Being emotionally intelligent is pivotal for people who are willing to live in society peacefully, gain success in education, at work, and in other areas as they are going to face different challenges, and they have to cope with them emotionally first. This book is a great choice to help parents understand what emotional intelligence is, what elements it includes, and how to instill this ability in their kids from early childhood. Parents will find not only theory but practical tips from psychologists on what methods to use and how to teach their children to behave emotionally intelligently.

No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame by Janet Lansbury

When we were talking about an early age to start teaching kids behavior, we meant really early—starting from the toddlers. The first days and months after giving birth are always challenging. Parents completely change their way of living and all their stable life has just gone. This boss is a guide for parents with toddlers who cannot find a common language and cannot understand the needs of their kids, but they’re willing to learn all these skills. The book’s title speaks for itself, that there are no bad kids. All parents have to do is patiently learn how to understand their kids and find the right approach for their children.

What to Do When You’re Scared and Worried: A Guide for Kids by James J. Crist

This book is focused more on kids’ knowledge than on parents` but is still suitable and useful for both of them. Kids face numerous worries and fears at school, at home, being on the streets alone, and in other situations that are new and stressful to them. This book is a good guide on how to work the fears out and how to cope with them, preventing serious mental deviations. The majority of the fears of kids can have no ground and causes, they are just in their minds due to the lack of self-confidence. This and many other useful things about their behavior and its explanation kids will figure out after reading this book.

Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry

This is an online journal created by the official organization of psychologists and psychiatrists that is called ACAMH or The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health. It is a very convenient and high-quality resource where parents can find numerous articles, comments from specialists, practical tips, and tips from other parents related to any sphere or topic they worry about. What is best about this journal is that all posts are proven by the official psychologist, so the articles cannot contain confusing information at all. Besides, parents can deepen their knowledge about different spheres on different stages of development of their kids.

NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children

This book is the result of a scalable investigation of their parents’ methods of raising their children. Overall, there are a certain number of problems that children have when they grow up that occur because of the wrong decisions, behaviors, and things towards them from their parents. So, by reading this book, many parents can avoid harmful things and actions toward their kids to help them behave better and grow emotionally gradually. Even the decisions that have positive motivation do not always have a positive impact on the kids, and this guide will tell which and how.

To sum up

Surely, books are an inevitable part of psychological education for parents and their children. However, additionally, we would recommend attending psychologists on a regular basis and keep talking about all problems and worries your kids have to figure them out at an early stage and get rid of them.


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