How to Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Stand Out

Birthdays are a special milestone that all children look forward to. It’s a time for fun, presents, and cake! Celebrating with the whole family is an important part of the tradition. If you want your child’s next birthday to be one they remember, consider throwing them an unforgettable party.

Have a Photobooth

If you want to make this party an unforgettable experience, why not hire a professional photographer? They will snap all the special moments – from your child receiving their birthday cake to dancing with their friends at the night’s end. This is an excellent way to capture spontaneous and fun memories that you’ll be able to share with your child years later. The child can create a storybook or scrapbook with the final images to show off later.

Rent or Buy a Slushy Machine

How about buying a slushy machine? A slushy mix machine is a great tool to make your child’s next birthday stand out. Not only will it produce a festive, fruity slushy drink, but it’ll also keep the kids busy and entertained for hours. With a slushy machine, you can mix their favorite food, usually ice cream, with water or soda to make slushy drinks they will love. Not only will this help make the event even more special for the birthday child, but their friends will surely be impressed by such novelty eats!

Throw a Picnic Party

This is another great theme that has been around for decades – perfect for young children who love being outdoors. Based on the traditional idea of taking a walk in the park and eating outdoors, this is an easy theme that will still allow you to make it memorable for the birthday child.

Throw a Scavenger Hunt Party

if you have an outdoor space that you can use, then why not organize a treasure hunt? Give the children clues and make them work as a team to find their special gift. It could include letters marked in leaves that spell out ‘the present is buried here,’ photographs of your child holding hands with friends on walks, or photos of them with family members on special occasions.

Make Sure the Food is Good

They may be kids, but they still like to eat. Kids love birthday cakes, so have fun with a burger and chicken fingers party. You can even make your hamburger buns into crowns or cones. Alternatively, why not have something simple like ice cream sandwiches (the kind with holes in the middle) or hot dogs wrapped in bacon? Or why not have different-colored frosting? Putting out sprinkles or confetti would also be a fun addition to the table!

Lay Out Presents

Buy your little ones unique presents that they’ll love. If you’re unsure what type of gifts they might like, you can take your child shopping at the toy store and have them choose presents or try checking out their favorite TV program or board game. If you want to give them something that sticks better, consider buying them something new, such as an activity set.

Have an Outdoor Party

Since it’s summer, why not consider having your party outdoors? This is a great way to let the kids play outside. If your child loves playing in the water, this is an excellent theme they’ll love. Invite all of their friends over for a water fight – and make sure to include water balloons, water guns, and a sprinkler.

Another way you can easily incorporate his age or favorite characters is by using bright colors and decorating with posters and banners. This is a great way to give the party an interactive twist that keeps everyone talking and interested from start to finish.

Consider a Themed Party

Start by choosing a theme that is related to your child and the interests they love (for example, if your child loves Paw Patrol, you could use it as inspiration and do a whole jungle-themed party). Decorating for a birthday party is an excellent way to make the event and your home looks unique. If you don’t have lots of time on your hands, then Pinterest can be an excellent resource for finding pre-made crafts, invites, and cakes that you can put together quickly.


It’s never too early to start planning your child’s birthday party. The goal here is to make their first big celebration fun and exciting.


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