How To Make Reading Fun for Your Kids

While some kids grow to love reading, others may have a more challenging time. If your child struggles to read, you must find ways to make it more fun. This will lead to higher engagement and more success with reading. Reading comprehension and fluency is crucial for students of all ages, even the young ones. Here are a few ways to help you make reading fun for your kids:

1. Read with Your Kids

Reading together is a great way to learn about vocabulary and how to use punctuation correctly. It also helps deal with anxiety and boredom when your child struggles to read independently. This will help your child build their vocabulary and comprehension skills. It will also help them become more comfortable with books, increasing their desire to read on their own. This can be anything from acting out story to singing part of a book they enjoyed reading.

2. Start with Simple Books

Kids that are struggling to read often have problems with word recognition. This can lead them to need help understanding the story they are reading. One way around this is to start children off with simple, easy, and fast-paced books. These books will help children build confidence in themselves and their reading abilities. This will also help build their reading vocabulary while they are learning efficiently. The more levels they move up in a reading, the more likely they will be able to follow along at a higher level of understanding.

3. Use Interactive Books

Instead of just reading the same book repeatedly, you can use books with an interactive aspect. These encourage your kids to get more involved with the story and take more ownership of what is happening. This will help your kids connect with the story, helping them learn and retain more information. They will also be able to practice their reading by interacting with the words independently.

4. Use Technology

The use of technology has played a considerable role in building many skills for children, including reading skills. Technology is a great way to build reading fluency and comprehension for kids. This will keep your child involved while learning, making the experience more engaging. In addition, kids will have a great time interacting with the story and being able to move it along. This type of learning allows children to connect to the material they are reading and retain more info.

Nowadays, learning apps are available for nearly everything, and it is relatively easy to listen to books through apps as well. This is great way to help increase reading comprehension for kids struggling to read with little assistance from you. They can listen through headphones and read at their own pace while enjoying what they are hearing. This will keep their learning fluency skills engaged while doing something else. There are also a plethora of sites that focus closely on objectives like how to teach a child the alphabet or quickly basic English.

5. Go on a Fieldtrip

Fieldtrips are an excellent way for kids to connect with the material in their books and increase their love for reading. Visiting museums, libraries, or stores will help your kids use their imagination while reading properly. These field trips can help your child create more imaginative stories in their mind while building more comprehension and fluency skills.

6. Make a Reading Log

Whether your kids are struggling to read or not, they will want to keep track of the books they have read. This is a great way to track their progress while encouraging them to read more. You can use these logs as a way for them to look up information about the books that they have or haven’t read.

They will also be able to look back on the ones they remember reading and reflect on what was going on in the story at that point in time. This will help them create more personal connections with the books they are reading, making it more fun.


You can help your kids build reading skills and make it fun in several ways. If they have trouble with comprehension or fluency, having them engage with the reading material will help improve their skill.


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