7 Best Learning Apps Every School Student Needs to Check Out

In the world we live in today, you don’t need to first reach a physical classroom to learn a subject or a new skill. Learning can happen anywhere and at any time. With the advent of learning apps, there is a huge evolution in the education landscape. Generally, learning is becoming more innovative and meaningful!

Nowadays, learners can study from the comfort of their homes, thanks to technological advancements. Using online learning platforms or apps, learners of all levels can enjoy tailored learning experiences or zoom in and out of studies as desired.

Post the global pandemic, the demand for online learning apps drastically increased. The latest statistics by Techjury show that the global e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 billion in 2025. Online learning apps have become great learning tools and are associated with higher levels of engagement. To substantiate, the same study indicates that e-learning increases retention rates by 25% to 60%.

Online learning apps have also largely made education affordable and accessible, especially for those who can not afford quality and professional education. Learners are also able to craft their learning paths and perform better academically. With all that, we only seem to be in the inception of e-learning and educational apps.

At this juncture, we have compiled a range of worthwhile learning apps that any educator,  parent, or student can consider to set academic SMART Goals and ensure effective remote learning.

The Top 3 Learning Apps for Elementary School Students (Kids)

Kids love gadgets and introducing them to a few learning apps is one of the best ways to kill two birds with a single stone. Many kids’ learning apps today cater to technological know-how and education at the same time. Many of these apps are engaging, fascinating, and interactive.

Kids are able to learn, and play while developing cognitive skills at the same time. Kids’ learning apps cater to an array of subjects and skill development such as learning a new language. You can choose any depending on your kid’s interest or goal. These apps include:

1.   Busy Shapes

Busy Shapes is an ideal learning platform, especially for kids who are new to technology. Its ease of use allows a child to learn while having fun. On this platform, kids drag an object into a hole and after that, a new object and hole appear in a new setting. The game becomes more challenging over time, but more in an engaging manner.

Baby Shapes is a highly intuitive playground and the experience derived can help a kid to think and reason logically. The app can act as an add-on to promote critical thinking in kids. The games also help toddlers learn about shapes and colors and guardians or teachers can select a single color or shape for a kid to focus on at a time.      

The learning app is available in over 7 languages and can be downloaded on Android and Apple phones.

2.   Prodigy

Prodigy offers learning experiences in the form of video games. It presents a curriculum for Math and English with aligned skill practice. Prodigy’s gamified learning approach fosters imagination and empowers learners. It has a range of tools that make learning fun and effective for kids. 

It is one of the kids’ favorite learning apps worldwide, also used by parents and teachers. During the adventures, kids earn spells whenever they answer questions correctly. They get a chance to build a custom world through reading and language practices. When it comes to mathematics , toddlers encounter battles and quests that build their mathematics skills. It is an excellent learning app you can consider besides kids’ books for teaching empathy and inculcating a habit of reading.     

Prodigy’s basic app is free, but a paid premium subscription offers more features. Kids from 1 to 8 years can use the app.

3.   Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free learning app suitable for beginners and advanced learners. It caters to a range of learning needs streaming from STEM learning to other subjects like Mathematics, English, and Science. The learning app provides its courses in the form of videos, exercises, and tests. It is excellent for developing a conceptual understanding of several subjects whereas its YouTube videos cater to advanced learning needs in several areas like humanities, engineering, and AP courses.

The content is available in over 36 languages and courses include things like quizzes for testing purposes. Khan Academy provides learning opportunities for learners of all ages, however, Khan Academy Kids is a more targeted app for toddlers and learners below the age of five. 

The Top 4 Learning Apps for High School Students

It may at times appear like high school students have limited online learning options. Whatever the case may be, we have curated some of the best learning apps to push their studies forward. They include:

1.   Duolingo

One of the world’s best language learning apps is Duolingo. The app provides a fun, interactive, and effective way of learning any language as a part of self-improvement. It caters to over 23 languages. With the app, one can learn how to read, listen, and speak a language. It also caters to personalized learning experiences by combining AI and language science. Learning is gamified with the help of features.

The app is free and available for Apple and Android devices.

2.   Khan Academy

Another notable learning app for high school students is Khan Academy. It is suitable for all ages and provides material in the form of videos. Whether students want to upgrade their mathematics skills, science, or English, Khan Academy is an ideal learning app. With it, one can pause and resume learning at any time. The material is quite easy to understand and can become part of one’s learning options all the way from elementary to advanced levels.

The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

3.   Quizlet

Quizlet is an excellent self-paced learning platform and makes learning more enjoyable. With the app, one can create several flashcards, pause and resume learning at any time and anywhere.

It provides different testing methods such as true/false questions, guides, and multiple choice type questions. Besides that, it presents an array of question sets previously designed by students. Both students and teachers can use the study material provided by the learning app.

Quizlet is free and has excellent audio pronunciation when compared to many other learning apps. It is also available for Apple and Android devices.

4.   Mendeley

Unlike most other learning apps, Mendeley is a program designed to help students in writing research papers. It allows users to annotate PDFs, organize citations and notes, or search for journal articles. Mendeley is available for Apple as well as Android devices.

All in all, there is a variety of online educational apps that can cater to different learning needs whether specific to a subject or skill. These apps come with different features that can allow users to customize learning experiences to meet specific needs. Many of these apps are engaging, interactive, and highly support self-paced learning.      

Author Bio: Jessica Robinson loves to write interesting and knowledgeable blogs regarding business management, education and life to satiate the curiosity of her lovely readers. Currently, she is serving as a content manager at the ‘Speaking Polymath’. Every piece of content that she writes demonstrates her immense love and passion for her profession.


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