How ERP helps in Efficient Teaching

Providing students with a proper understanding of the curriculum and ensuring their academic, social, and personal growth and development is the key responsibility of every educator. To do so, only limiting yourself to the conventional methods of teaching won’t work. Including technology in the teaching tasks and classroom is quite important. An enterprise resource planning software is a comprehensive solution that automates the major administrative and non-administrative tasks, further helpingteachers in focusing more on the core responsibility of providing quality education to the learners. Let us now discuss how ERP helps educators to teach effectively.

6 ways how ERP helps in efficient teaching

1. Providing digital content

To become an efficient teacher, providing students with a proper academic understanding is quite important. Only using textbooks and guides in the classroom makes teaching monotonous and boring. By using educational ERP, teachers can provide students with several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and animations. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and more quickly. Teachers can upload this digital learning material to the system, and students can access it anytime and anywhere.

2. Offers better communication facilities

To be an efficient teacher, proper communication with parents and students is quite significant. In the growth and development of learners, along with educators, parents play a key role. Therefore seamless communication among the stakeholders is necessary. Due to busy schedules and time constraints, attending the physical PTMs becomes difficult for the parents. When parents don’t know the imbalances and weak points of their ward’s performance, they won’t be able to take corrective measures for improvement.

The one solution to bridging this communication gap is using enterprise resource planning software. Parents and teachers can reach out to each other anytime digitally in case of queries. Online, parents can check the learning graph, attendance status, and overall class performance of their ward. This helps in effortless communication among the stakeholders.

3. Better exam planning and conduction

To ensure the academic growth and development of the students, conducting assessments is quite important. Not all students prefer the pen-and-paper mode of examination. By using institute ERP, teachers can digitize the exam process too. Online quizzes, and Google forms, can be designed to make assessments more interesting and engaging for the learners.

Automated results are sent to parents and students within no time. Along with this, you can assign students new ways of doing projects and assignments such as making short videos, presentations, modules, picture cards, and more. Also, by using technology, all tasks can be done quickly. The saved time can be used by teachers for better exam planning and execution.

4. Simplified administrative tasks

Being an efficient teacher also includes performing the assigned administrative tasks properly. Performing these tasks manually can be tiresome, and hectic. Also, the chances of making mistakes and errors are high. For example, taking attendance every morning, and maintaining attendance registers and reports manually is laborious. To complete such administrative assigned work effectively, using ERP is very beneficial. It helps teachers to automate the attendance process. Just with a few clicks and taps on the system, attendance can be marked and updated. Automatic attendance reports can be generated to keep a check on students’ regularity and punctuality to the classes.

5. Improved feedback exchange

For quality teaching and learning, feedback exchange is necessary. Many times students forget what improvement measures teachers shared with them. In such cases, feedback becomes less valuable and useful. On the other hand, by using ERP solutions, teachers can give students digital feedback. The remarks get saved on the system and can be accessed by students anytime. For example, after checking the progress reports and class performance, teachers can share with students where they are lagging and what more can be done for improvement and betterment.

6. Enhanced productivity and lesson planning

The teaching profession brings along a huge set of duties and responsibilities that need to be perfect every single day. Enterprise resource planning software helps teachers to be more productive. From attendance, exams, and admissions to report cards, all the major tasks can be automated. This saves both time and labor. The saved time can be used by teachers for better lesson planning, improvising teaching practices, and enhancing the learning experience of students respectively. Teachers get more time to analyze how the current educational strategies are working, and what more can be done for improvement.


Educators need to provide learners with an in-depth understanding of the lessons and ensure their growth in the educational institution. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out how ERP enhances the teaching and learning process. To become smart and serve better to the learning community, schools, colleges, and universities must opt for ERP solutions.


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