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The Benefit Of Using Technology In Education

Technology has reverberated beyond belief in the last past decade and has taken over various workplaces, industries, and even teaching guidelines. It is a must skill to learn to stay updated in this century. Technology has developed and shaped itself in so many worksites by making they use emails and the web to communicate with each other. You can make databases, spreadsheets, PowerPoint for presentations, and many more. The spectrum internet packages are offering us such good and affordable deals for using technology. Whereas, technology has grown its feet in the field of education as well.

Education and Technology Hand In Hand

Education is the key to success, whereas technology is helping students by providing a guideline. Nowadays, it is easy to catch up on your missed lectures by technology, teachers can easily record the lectures on YouTube, Google Classroom, and you can watch them and make notes from them. You can even voice or video record the lecture. It depends on the students which one they want to choose. It can help to certify the relationship between the learner and the educator. It helps the learners to gain knowledge and can help them to adapt to new learning experiences swiftly. You can take assistance from Google directly. Moreover, you can take lectures on the same subjects from multiple teachers as well. A teacher can easily upload the lecture about the various topic using internet.

Online Exams

Not only this but, you can also take online examinations, online live lectures, and classes, can make policies for different universities. The teachers can operate the administration panel, online student portals, to upload the result online by using web technology. On the other hand, by using the internet, you can have multiple recommendations for that same topic, and you can combine them to make your perfect assignment, presentation, preparation for exams, and make notes. You can connect your devices to the internet and connect yourself to the resources. You can watch your lectures without any glitches. By technology, students can prepare themselves for that particular exam subject by giving a mock test and using the right websites for it. Mock tests are available on various websites and you can easily test yourself easily and check that how much you have scored and how much knowledge do you have on that particular topic.

How Internet Benefits During Online Study

During the time, when the pandemic of COVIDE-19 was at its peak, everything was closed because of the precautions, and because of this schools and universities were closed too, later on, they realized that the pandemic was not in control and studies of students were getting affected so the trend of the online study was introduced among the students. Students were taking their lectures online. They can study easily by sitting at home and taking their lectures online live delivered by the correspondent teacher. Classes were scheduled online, you can easily attend it and take the concept, and similarly, teachers take open-book quizzes from the students to see the progress. Through the internet, you can keep yourself updated with new research. You can gain knowledge as much as you can through different websites and from a different articles. You can gather information for your thesis work as well as for your class assignments, and your practical portion. Now a day’s internet has become a key to success for so many students and in not only education, but the internet has vast advantages in many other fields as well. In the previous two years, students were taking their semester’s online, giving online exams and quizzes and assignments, etc. And by doing this we saved so much time because if there was no access to the internet the students would have not been continued their studies in the peak time of the pandemic. After all, the concept of online studies was not introduced. The Internet allows us to communicate with each other if we are sitting in the next corner of the world.


To remain globally competitive, one should research and develop engaged citizens, weave yourself in the 21st century, and expertise yourself through this learning experience. These include the development of critical thinking, complex problem solving, collaboration, and adding multimedia communication into the teaching of a traditional academic subject. In addition, learners should have the opportunity to develop a sense of ability to act while learning. The belief that they will succeed at school.


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