How You Can Get Into The Christmas Spirit With Your Family

The fresh, festive air of Christmas is just about to knock on the doors. With that being said, the shopping malls will get crowded, the roads and infrastructures will all be decorated green and red as the Christmas mode turns on.

We all know that Christmas isn’t celebrated for a single day; the spark and enthusiasm remain the entire month of December. We brought this article to make sure you don’t lose the Christmas vibrancy by stressing out to keep the spirit in your household.

Here we will share with you multiple ideas on how you can keep your family spirit up the entire month of Christmas. 

15 Fun Christmas-day Activities To Get into the Festive Spirit

1. Turn on the Christmas Tunes

First things first, turn on the Christmas tunes because it can never go wrong to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. There is no better feeling than hearing the old school and classic Christmas songs that immediately hits you with the fuzzy and cozy Christmas feeling. To make the environment more cheerful, the entire family can sing along. Some Christmas songs you can pick are: 

  • Sleigh Ride by Johnny Mathis
  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams
  • Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives

2. Teamwork for Decorating the House

Another effective way of getting the Christmas spirit is decorating the house. Assign everyone different sections of the house to adorn with garlands, wreaths, fairy lights, accessorize furniture with elves, reindeer, snowman.

To enhance the teamwork experience, gather your family and friends to brainstorm creative ideas for the inflatables. Perhaps you envision a jolly group of carolers or a charming scene of Santa’s workshop. Working together, you can design custom-made Christmas inflatables to complement the other decorations in your designated areas of the house or more preferably the outdoor area. Each person can contribute their unique ideas, ensuring that every corner of your home radiates the festive charm.

Christmas decoration is pliable as you can go in any direction you want depending on how heavy or light your house looks. If you have kids in the house, include them in some kid-friendly decoration activities too.

And not to mention the Christmas tree, without which it does not feel like Christmas. Get an amazing Christmas tree according to your budget and decorate it as you wish.   

3. Make Eggnog and Hot Chocolate

What can be better than cold December eve with Christmas vibes, and you are sipping hot chocolate or eggnog for warmth? These drinks are an essential part of Christmas which makes the festival more special. Make special hot chocolate for the entire family, light up the fireplace, sit around, chitchat, or listen to music. It is a warm way to enter the Christmas spirit.

4. Watch Christmas Cartoons or Movies

Guess what? The dark, snowy December nights call you for watching Christmas movies with the family. Lit up the Christmas tree, darken the living room, and everyone heads to the couch to watch Christmas movies together. To be honest, nothing can get you into Christmas vibes better than the old classics, even though you have watched them a million times. Some suggestions from us are:

  • Peanuts’ Christmas Special
  • Elf
  • A Christmas Story
  • A White Christmas

5. Involve the Kids in Christmas-themed Games

Kids in the house are hard to entertain. To get them involved in some Christmas-themed games that the entire family can enjoy. Not only kids, but for entertainment purposes, even adults can play such games. Some of the games are Elf Monopoly, Christmas word search, Snowman Bingo, Christmas Guess- Game, and many more

6. Go Sledding

Is your family getting bored by staying at home and doing stuff? Then take them outside for sledding, do some snowball fights, involve your kids to make snowmen, etc. This is another Christmas fun that most of us missed last year due to the pandemic. Now that everything is a bit calmer, go out and have fun.

7. Turn all into Bakers

What’s Christmas without yummy shortbreads, Christmas tree cake, sugar cookies, or snowballs? We automatically get into Christmas spirits when we have all the aroma of these delectable sweet treats at home. While baking, involve each of your family members and let them make their kind of sweets and cookies. We bet everyone will jump immediately into the Christmas spirit.

8. Make Gingerbread House

Christmas is an amazing time to get creative with the entire family. Making gingerbread houses is a must-have ritual at Christmas, and you can never go wrong with it. From kids to the elderly, everyone in the house will enjoy getting creative with it. So, make sure you stack up some Gingerbread house boxes to keep the Christmas spirit. Apart from it, you can also get some put-together Christmas-themed craft sets from the store.

9. Buy and Enjoy Treats

Treats like candy canes are automatically associated with Christmas. Ditch the diets of everyone in the house, and make fond memories with some Christmas treats. This is the season to enjoy and exchange some jam-filled cookies, brightly packed chocolate, and much more.

10. Make Holiday Cards

There is nothing better than making Christmas cards for everyone and spreading out the festive joy. Not only do you send the Christmas spirit to others through a card, but you also get to feel the spirit yourself. So, invite your family and friends, make everyone sit together with all the glitters, markers to design cards for everyone. Don’t forget your neighbors while sending out cards!

11. Go for Shopping

Remember last year when we were home-locked? This year is the time to fill up that lost time so get out and shop for yourself and others. The shopping malls are ravishingly decorated with lights, faux Santa, and music. The enthusiasm of the crowd automatically brings out the spirit of Christmas. Even if you don’t want to shop, you can just simply visit with your family to feel the festive vibes.

12. Visit Christmas Events in Your City

While you head out to absorb some Christmas spirits, make sure you visit the Christmas events. Go see a play like the Christmas Carol to lift your Christmas spirits. Moreover, the festival of trees, city lighting, concerts, street parties will never fail to uplift your spirits. Therefore, do check out what your area has to offer.

13. Get into Deep Fireside Chats in Comfy PJ’s

If you are a person who loves to stay home and want to enjoy the spirit of the festival from home, then we have another idea for you. It is comfy, yet the best thing to do. Make everyone wear a set of Christmas PJ’s, sit beside their fireside on cold, snowy nights, enjoy some milk with sugar cookies, and have a deep chit-chat. It is the best way to connect to your family in a Christmas-y way.

14. Give

Christmas is about enjoying the spirits with our friends and family and taking care of the underprivileged. You can donate old stuff, like kids’ toys, warm clothes, some food, money, etc. In this way, you can lighten up someone else’s Christmas and reflect the spirit within yourselves too.

15. Throw Mini Christmas Parties a Few Times Throughout the Month

If you are single or live far away from your home, then you don’t have to wait for December 25th to bring your friends and families together for a party. You can host mini parties a couple of times to warm your Christmas spirits in the presence of friends or family. Decorate the house, cook food, arrange treats, invite, and enjoy. 

Final Thought

Christmas is indeed the best time of the year to make memories with your loved ones. After a long, hectic year, we finally get to end it on a good note and start a new year afresh. So, pick up some fun ideas we provided and try implementing them this Christmas. We assure you, you will not regret it.

After all, our loved ones deserve to enjoy every day of Christmas, don’t they? We dare you not to feel.


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