Golf Hat: 3 Reasons Why You Should Get One For Your Golfer Dad

Is there anyone that’s harder to shop for than your dad? Does he really need anything? If he wants something, he simply buys it. He probably already has a golf hat, right?

You should keep a few things in mind. Just because he has some old hat he wears when he plays golf doesn’t mean he has a “golf hat.” He doesn’t have a golf hat that you picked out for him — this alone makes it better. Have you ever seen your dad in a “cool” hat? If the answer is “no” — let’s fix that.

We can help you and your dad. Read on and get your dad a gift that he’ll use for years.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Golf Hat For Your Dad

1. Sun Protection – Keep Him Safe

We get it. It’s kind of funny when dad comes home from the course with a red face or a sunburned neck. You might even laugh when your mom asks “did you forget the sun lotion again?” Dads aren’t always the best at taking care of themselves, and too much time in the sun can be dangerous.

You can help keep him safe with a golf hat. They provide great protection from the sun’s harmful rays and help him avoid long-term issues due to too much time on the golf course. You can’t help your dad avoid all of the other hazards on the golf course (lakes, creeks, high grass, etc.), but you can protect him from a nasty sunburn!

2. Comfort

Comfort may not be the first thing you think of when you consider a golf hat as a gift, but you’ll improve his experience when he plays. New golf hats have technology designed to make the golfer more comfortable on the course.

The brim provides shade and the fabrics are designed to be breathable. This will help keep him cool on a hot summer afternoon. The sweatbands take care of any sweat, keeping his forehead dry and comfy. Golf is hard enough without being uncomfortable on the course.

3. Style — Even Dads Like To Look Good!

We understand. You don’t consider your dad stylish, but we bet he likes to look good when he plays. He may not admit it, but he likes it when his weekend foursome mentions they like a piece of his golf gear or apparel. He may just need some help selecting a “cool” golf hat. This is where you come in!

Help him look good and he will step to the first tee with more confidence. A confident golfer players better golf. In other words, your golf hat might help him make more birdies!

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3 Best Golf Hats In 2023

The golf hat market is saturated. There are so many options! Here are our favorites for 2023.

1. Sunday Golf Dad Hat

We’re talking about golf hats for your dad, and Sunday Golf makes a product they call the “Dad Hat.” It feels like it was meant to be! We’d describe this golf hat as simple, sophisticated, and cool. Made from cotton, this hat has a low profile and an adjustable strap (one size fits all). The “Schwetyproof” sweatband will keep him dry and comfortable. We think he’ll love this hat so much, he may never take it off.

The Sunday Golf Dad Hat is available in 5 different colors, but our favorite is Khaki. What screams “dad hat” more than khaki? You can purchase this gift for $34.99.

2. Titleist Tour Performance Hat

Titleist is a famous golf brand, and your dad will recognize the name. Is he a big fan of the PGA Tour? If so, this is a golf hat he has seen on TV. This product is made from a lightweight material, has a structured front panel, and has a curved bill. The Tour Performance Hat has an antimicrobial, moisture-wicking sweatband to reduce odor & is UV treated for sun protection of 50+ UPF.

The Titleist Tour Performance golf hat is available in 17 different color combinations for $35.

3. TaylorMade Tour Cage Hat

The TaylorMade Tour Cage golf hat is an option if your dad likes simple, basic colors. Unlike our first two options, this product is a structured hat with stretch-fit construction (which means you’ll need to know the size of your dad’s head). The back of the hat is made from mesh to help his head breathe and the dark underbill was designed to reduce glare.

The Tour Cage is available in 4 colors (black, white, navy, and charcoal) for $30. Not a flashy choice, but a quality product.

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Which Golf Hat Will You Dad Love?

Don’t overthink it. Don’t fall into analysis paralysis. Your dad will love any golf hat that you give him and every time he puts it on, he’ll think of you.

Pick out your favorite and we promise he’ll be excited to receive your gift. Don’t wait, order your dad a golf hat today!


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