Benefits Of Loose Parts Play With Examples

When you’re a child, it can be hard to stay focused on one activity for more than a couple of minutes. And while it’s good to introduce them to new things, it can suck all their creativity out in the process. That’s where loose parts play comes in! Read on below to find out the benefits of this form of play and how it differs from other types.

What Is Loose Parts Play?

Loose part play is a very simple idea, it is basically adult toys that children can manipulate. In a classroom setting, this usually comes in the form of blocks, building materials, and other similar toys that can be stacked together to create new things.

Kids love to combine these parts to make unique structures while learning in the process. All loose parts toys can be combined with each other to make something completely different.

Loose parts play exactly what it sounds like. Children come up with different things to create, then run around the house with their “toys” until they’re ready to stop playing! Some examples of loose parts play include:

  • Building
  • Painting
  • Stringing beads together

The Most Important Benefits Of Loose Parts Play For Children

There are a variety of benefits to loose parts play. Children learn to be more imaginative while playing with the items, they can practice their motor skills, and it’s great for their cognitive development. There are also other pros of using loose party play listed below.


An important benefit of loose parts play is that it saves the family money. The family can use all the items in their home to make things for the children to play with, and they don’t have to buy new things. This is especially helpful if the children really like a certain toy or item so they can use it repeatedly.

They Don’t Get Bored

Another benefit of loose parts play is that the children don’t get bored. Though it may seem like a waste of time to them at first, they will stick with it and want to play with their toys that they just made multiple times each day. This can be a huge life lesson for them since they experience being anxious when they don’t have something to keep them in the present moment.

Supports Creativity

One benefit of loose parts play is that the children are not limited by available items. They can use whatever they want to make a toy, and the toys are very different from one another.

This helps them learn to be creative, especially in making their own things. Creative thinking is something they’ll continue to develop as they grow older, so it’s a skill that can last them a lifetime.

Gross And Fine Motor Development

Another benefit of loose parts play is that it helps the children to develop their gross and fine motor skills. This can help them be more coordinated when they’re older, and it can also help them learn to use different technology since they’ll have to do that a lot throughout life.

Develops A Feeling Of Achievement

One more benefit of loose parts play is that it allows the children to develop a sense of achievement as they play with their toys. They can watch as it changes from a pile of random items to something cool and interesting for them to play with. This is a huge sense of accomplishment, even if they don’t understand at the time what the feeling is.

Develops Concentration

A benefit of loose parts play that isn’t often considered is that it develops concentration in children. Many times, children are so busy in their daily lives that they don’t get the chance to do a lot of single tasks like this. It can be very beneficial for them to practice doing one thing at a time and then move on to another.

Emotional Development

Loose parts play is that it helps children to develop an emotional understanding. They learn to get upset if they can’t find certain items and enjoy themselves if they find something new and interesting. This can help them feel more secure in themselves as they grow up because they will always have a way of understanding how they should be feeling in any given situation.

Conversation And Language Development

A final benefit of loose parts play is that it helps the children develop their language skills. They can read the names of the items they’re using and also talk about how one thing is different from another. Often, this develops into larger conversations about their day or what they have planned for later. This is a great way for them to learn to express themselves in a new way and to feel more confident in speaking.

Develop Skills Across Curriculums

Another benefit of loose parts play is developing skills across different curriculums. For example, if you’re reading a book to a child, you can use the items they’ve made and play with them to practice their reading comprehension. This teaches them when to finish reading and when to go back to something else.

The Bottom Line

Loose parts play is a nice alternative to the traditional toys you may already have available. It’s a safe way to introduce new things into their lives, and it helps them learn valuable skills they will use throughout life. You can find many different things to make and play with here, so there should be something perfect for your little one!


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