How to Balance Your Work and Family Life

Work-life balance is defined as the relationship between your work and other important things in life. These important things include family, sports, social life, chores and other activities. If you have time for all of these things, then you probably have a good work-life balance. If not, however, then it’s high time you created balance as life goes by quickly. Not having enough time for your family and hobbies can make you feel unhappy and dissatisfied later on in life. As we live in a fast-paced world, it is not easy to achieve this balance – rather, it’s challenging.

To achieve a balance between your work and family life, you should learn to prioritize. You should also be more organized and time-savvy. Moreover, it is beneficial for you to try and be more flexible at work – it will help you a great deal in achieving that balance. What’s more, having that balance requires you to limit after-work and after-school activities. Family activities can come along spontaneously, but it is better to organize them in advance – there is more chance for activities to be more meaningful and engaging.

1.   Learn to prioritize

Our lives are often filled with all kinds of activities, roles, responsibilities and goals. Sometimes it’s hard to juggle them all. Exactly for that reason, you should learn to set priorities. Our lives are interwoven with different goals such as being successful at work, being an involved parent and having a healthy romantic relationship. We also tend to engage in numerous activities such as furthering our education, contributing to a community, maintaining a home and following a certain fitness regimen. Some of us also have to deal with an illness in the family or aging parents.

This is quite a list. If you want to make a balance, you should learn to prioritize the activities you have. Choose two or three activities per day, according to their priorities. You should do that in advance for the whole week. In that way, you can make sure that you will manage all of them. Of course, you should try to stick to your plan and be prepared for unpredicted situations.

2.   Be more organized and time-savvy

During the work week, we have our jobs, and we spend around 10 hours a day away from home – counting in commuting of 1 hour to work and back. Sometimes it’s even more, rarely less – unless you work from home. So, that’s quite a lot of time when you are busy. The workweek doesn’t leave you with a lot of free time on your hands. You should be very organised and time-savvy in order to use that little free time you have in a smart way.

3.   Try to be flexible at work

What helps a lot with achieving work-life balance is having flexibility at work. What does it mean when your work is flexible? Well, for instance having the possibility to work from home. Let’s say that you work in the fashion industry and you need to contact wholesale clothing suppliers in Australia, Europe or the USA – you need peace and quiet to complete the task in an optimal time frame. If you are working with colleagues in your office, perhaps it’s too distracting and time-consuming. In that case, it would be better for you to work from your home office and complete the task most optimally. Moreover, having flexibility at work also means having the possibility to start working when it is convenient for you. In that way, you can take your kids to preschool and start working an hour later than you would normally.

4.   Limit after-work and after-school activities

To be able to strike a work-life balance, you need to limit both after-work and after-school activities. You can limit them to a few times a week, depending on your preferences and interests. If everybody has activities every day after school and work, it will be impossible to strike that balance.

5.   Organize and engage in family-time activities

The surest way to have time with your family is by being organised. You should set family-time activities in advance – the whole family can participate in the choice. They can happen spontaneously, but that won’t be the case every time. Be proactive about family-time activities. Choose entertainment activities that are suitable for kids and adults.

Striking a work-family life is a serious challenge in today’s time. However, only when we are aware of this fact, we can do something about it. Don’t let your life pass without you being present to enjoy all the important moments with your family.


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