7 Design Tips For Your Sweet Angel’s Room On Budget

Congratulations! Having a baby on the way is one of the most important and sweetest times in a couple’s life. You must be excited about buying things for your baby and setting up a nursery for the newcomer. But checking the prices of things that you will need for the nursery such as decorations, accessories, furniture, crib, etc. might have scared you. It is true that a lot of baby stuff can be quite expensive, after all, all parents want the best stuff for their little ones. But if the prices have got you scared, don’t be discouraged, whether you are on a strict budget, or just want to save funds and spend them on something more relevant and important to the baby, these simple but effective baby room decor ideas will help you.

These simple baby room decorating ideas will help you save and cut down on expenses without having to cut down on the aesthetics and beauty of the baby room.

So, without further ado, let’s move on to the tips to see how to do Baby Room Decor on budget.

Make A Checklist of All the Required Furniture Items

You must have some necessary furniture items in your baby’s room. While people believe that a comfortable place for the baby to sleep is all you need to have in a nursery, it is recommended to have a changing table as well. This will be a lot more useful for the parents and will also help them avoid back pain in the future.

You may also want to add other items such as feeding chairs and similar objects.

Instead of buying these objects directly, try to ask around among your friends who might be able to give away their objects or at least lend them. You can also scour the internet to find second-hand items that are often in excellent condition.

If you can’t get your hands on used products, keep an eye on sales. It’s better to be early than late. The earlier you are, the better the chances of getting better deals. 

Start doing this right from the first month of your pregnancy.


A good neutral theme can make your nursery look amazing. Some of the many newborn baby room decorating ideas include tips that are based on certain themes. It is recommended to keep the theme neutral as it will help you keep the same theme for a long time.

Choose a particular colour palate and theme so that you can refresh it from time to time with just a coat of paint or a change of wallpaper.

If you want a far less expensive option to decorate your baby’s room, then you may choose to install decals. Installing decals is a great way to alter the decor of a room without having to put up pictures which is often a problem in rented apartments. These are available at cheap rates online as well as offline. For baby boy room decor ideas, you can choose charming things associated with boys and for girls, you can choose classic girly things. Or, instead of gendering the babies you can even choose something that is more eclectic and interesting.

Neutral-coloured curtains and blinds are great but do get a few blackout curtains to ensure a long night of sleep.

Another way to change the theme of your baby’s room is by changing the tiles of the room. There are many types of tiles available in the market, some of which have been specially designed for baby rooms. These wall tiles are a great and fairly permanent way to change the look of your nursery.

Bedding Is Necessary

The less the amount of bedding the better it is for the health of the baby. Matching blankets and cot bumpers look good but they can be quite expensive. Along with being expensive, they can also be a bit risky as compared to a sleeping bag or a swaddling wrap.

Storage Options

It is recommended to get some chests and drawers for storage. You can also get wicker baskets and canvas storage boxes. These can be bought second-hand so that you can save a lot of money. These storage boxes and chests can be used to store all the items related to the baby including toys, diapers, and blankets.


If you can do things on your own it is much better to do them than buy them. This will not only help you save money but will also add a personal touch to the overall decor of your nursery.

Add Books and Toys

While newborn babies won’t be playing with toys or reading books immediately, it is still recommended to add them to your nursery as soon as the babies become toddlers. Many storage items are multifunctional as they are decorative as well as functional. Simple story and picture books for babies and toddlers can be quite great for the room.

Unique Lighting

It is necessary to install proper lighting and fixtures in the nursery. It can actually allow you to be as creative as possible without having to spend a lot of money. You can always go DIY, upcycle, or recycle lights or even buy used lights. You can in fact turn everyday items into unique lighting fixtures.

Ultimately, a nursery needs to be useful for the parents as well as the baby. Try to keep it decluttered, clean, and fresh. Instead of spending a lot of money on random decorations that will soon become outdated once the baby grows, save the money so that you can spend it later when the baby grows older.


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