6 Unique Decor Items for Your Nursery

Having a baby is one of the most, if not the most, beautiful experiences in a person’s life. An entire human is created and you get to enjoy them forever as your own. An exciting part about being a parent is spoiling your baby! The first place you can start is in the nursery. It’s the place where your baby will spend the most time where naps, playtime, and learning take place. Below is a list of six decor items perfect for a nursery so that your baby can play, learn, and nap like a perfect spoiled bundle of joy.

Lollipop Baby Monitor

First, is this fun and colorful type of baby monitor. These monitors can stand alone by wrapping around the crib bars without requiring a plug. They still offer all the best features like detecting breathing, sleep patterns, and crying for the utmost safety. This will ease the worry of a new parent and give you peace that your baby is sleeping fine.

Standing Stuffed Animals

Large stuffed animal friends that sit as decor are intriguing for little minds. It shows your baby different animal species and offers the feeling of having company. Your baby will learn animal names and sounds and get to experience different fabric textures like fur. Giraffes look perfect standing next to cribs while elephants and bears are cute friends to bring out during tummy time. They are great for interaction and introducing other faces to the baby.


Plants add filtered fresh air, a beautiful aesthetic, and interest. Curious minds will want to touch them, feel their texture, and wonder why they’re so vibrant in color. They help calm the mind and provide peace and serenity. Your baby will also witness you caring for the plant and will love to watch it grow with routine TLC. Plants that don’t require much light such as vines can hang right next to your baby’s window giving the illusion of the outdoors coming in. Plants are amazing friends to add to a nursery to make the room complete.

Sensory Books

Books that go along with the room’s color scheme offer an added attraction to reading them. Find some age-appropriate books to brighten up your baby’s day! Put the bookshelf next to the plants and it’ll be like reading under a willow tree. Pop-up books can be left open on a small side table as a fun prop. Books are a great way to build your child’s interest in reading and help their development.

Sensory Rugs

Having a few rugs with different color schemes are perfect to set the mood. Make sure you have a few for each time of the day. Colors affect your baby’s brain quite easily, so you must be careful what colors are displayed at what time. Pastels are perfect for naptime to calm your baby. Vibrant, bright colors are perfect for playtime as it alerts your baby’s brain, and neutral colors are good for reading and puzzles so that your baby isn’t easily distracted by their surroundings. Find your favorite rugs with different shapes and words that you believe your baby will like, then have at it!

Neon LED Sign

Neon signs are perfect for visual sensory engagement. Your baby can have his or her name in lights and follow the colorful lines as it glows. Add some playful music while it’s on and it can be a dance party for you all! Create a high-quality custom neon sign of your child’s name or favorite animal to complete your unique nursery. Make sure you choose LED neon since it’s low voltage, durable, and eco-friendly. Adding these six items to your nursery will light up the baby’s room and help make it complete. You and your baby will have a chance to explore together, learn together, and do so much more through play. It will feel as if your little genius is ready for an ivy league school in no time soon.


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