6 Tips on How to Make Cleaning Enjoyable with Your Kids

Maintaining a clean and organized home can be exponentially challenging when you have kids running around. It is a constant battle about the best time to do it. Is it better to clean the house when the kids are in school? Or is it better late at night when the kids are in bed or early in the morning?

When you have a baby, a baby carrier can do the trick. However, finding the energy to do so remains a challenge during this period. Things get more gnarly when you have active toddlers or even older kids.

With that said, cleaning with your kids does not have to be such a chore. Did you know that you can make cleaning a more enjoyable activity for the kids? We have rounded six helpful tips below if you want to know-how.

1.  Play roleplay with your kids

According to a study made in the UK, roleplay benefits the kids as it builds confidence in them, creativity, and social skills. Another takeaway is how to empathize by experiencing the character’s persona first-hand.

So why not incorporate this learning as you do your household cleaning. Refresh your memory with some famous Disney cartoon characters that do cleaning scenes. A perfect example would be Cinderella and her stepsisters.

This way, you do not have to allot time for playing and then cleaning. Instead, you will be able to save time by doing both together while keeping your kids interested.

2.  Encourage a friendly competition

If you have two or more kids at home, it helps to encourage friendly competition among them.

Give each a list of chores to do and then see who gets more done in a given time. Every morning, create a schedule when you will be checking their rooms, and whoever has the cleanest room gets bonus points. At the end of the week, you tally the scores and reward whoever gets the most points.

A friendly competition does not only get the job done. It also allows your kids to learn about sportsmanship early on.

3.   Give one specific task to your kids

The best way to teach your kids about being responsible is by delegating tasks at home.

One can do the dishes in the morning, the other at night. One would be responsible for dusting the shelves, while the other can vacuum the floor. Give them specific instructions on making their bed in the morning, keeping their school supplies in order, and their toys. Make sure that whatever is the given task should depend on the child’s age.

This way, they will feel that they belong to a single unit, a family. And that they also have a part at home. 

4.  Make some checklist

With everything on your mind, whether you are working or a stay-at-home parent, keeping track of things can be challenging and daunting.

Making a list helps a lot in addressing this concern. Create a schedule for when you can deal with the bathroom or the kitchen. Categorize them so you won’t get overwhelmed. But at the same time, keep your trusty maid service’s number like Maid Sailors – maid services Chicago, if you need an extra helping hand.

Prepare a list of things that you can do daily, weekly, and have to be done at least once a month. Make the same inventory available in the kids’ study area or places where everyone can easily see and access it, such as the fridge.

Creating a checklist makes tracking things down easier and may also serve as a reminder without you repeating yourself every day.

5.  Organize with your kids

Practice organization regularly. Start with the things that are constantly in use by the kids. These include their school stuff, toys, and even their clothes.

Let them appreciate the beauty of keeping things tidy so they can do it themselves early on.

Invest in cute storage bins to entice the kids about organizing and still have that thinking that they are still playing. Get them desk organizers shaped like dinosaurs or small shells to promote a clean desk policy every time. Store their toys strategically, like keep all the duplos together, then another bin to keep the dolls’ accessories and whatnot. Make organizing easier for them so they can do it seamlessly.

6.  Give them some rewards

Treat them to some ice cream at the end of a tiring day. Or a nice movie day out. Or sometime around the pool. Whether big or small, never forget to reward the kids for a job well done.

Rewards make the kids look forward to the next cleaning schedule. Keep the momentum high for them.


Having kids around should never be seen as a burden. If you change your perspective, you’ll be amazed how they can be cooperative and creative. Kids are naturally curious, so as adults, it is essential to let their little minds absorb and enjoy learning or cleaning as much as possible.


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