10 Ways to Keep Kids Healthy During the School Year


Keeping your kids healthy can be a chore for many parents. Although all of them want their children to be safe, happy, and healthy, many parents overlook many steps that ensure healthy children. This is because parents get busy with their office work and other chores so much that they often forget they even have children.

This is important because many children face problems focusing on schoolwork and often fall sick very easily. While the parents are at fault here for this, you cannot blame them for trying to do everything possible to ensure that their children are healthy.

Therefore, we have listed ten basic things that your child needs to stay healthy all year so that they can focus on their studies never be absent from school.

How To Keep Kids Healthy?

1. Adequate Sleep

Not getting adequate sleep is one of the primary things that make children fall sick easily. This is because a lack of sleep weakens the immunity system of your child, making them get coughs and colds, and fever every now and then. A good 8 hours of sleep is required to let their bodies fully rest and be energized for school the next day.

2. Daily Exercises

As a parent, you must make sure that your kids get enough physical activity to make their bodies stronger. A strong body is immune to many dangers of getting sick. This is because daily exercise relieves stress from the body, and also helps in boosting their immune system.

This makes your child less prone to suffer from the deadly effects of the Coronavirus. Also, you can use sunscreen for kids when they exercise so that they do not get tanned skin and feel the effects of extreme heat during summers.

3. Less Screen Time

When children come home from their schools, they often spend the remaining hours in their day playing video games and watching cartoons. This is bad for your children as it develops bad habits like addiction to gaming that can make them less focused on their studies. It also worsens their eyesight and makes them wear glasses, which is bad if your child is still quite young.

4. Healthy Diet

A balanced diet for your kid will help in keeping them healthy in the best way possible. You must have heard the phrase “you become what you eat.” This means that the food you consume directly affects who you are – your health and wellbeing. Therefore, ensure that your child is eating enough green vegetables, proteins like eggs and meat, along with milk and citrus fruits to help them stay healthy and productive all year long.

5. Wash Hands Often

Due to the Covid pandemic, it has become necessary for people to know how to wash their hands in the best way possible. Therefore, teach your kids the proper way to wash hands, which is the surgeons’ way. Your kids should know how to wash their hands with soap and water in the best way so that all germs get deleted from their skin. This also kills the Coronavirus that might have attached itself to your child’s hand if they were outside the house.

6. Drink Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is necessary to keep all your organs functioning at their maximum potential. Drinking water frequently is helpful for digesting food, removing waste from the body, and maintaining body temperature. Drinking is important because staying dehydrated causes your motor and reflex functions to perform sluggishly. This makes children lose their focus while they are studying.

7. Communicate More

Just like us adults, children also go through mood changes. Often, you might see your child not being interested in doing anything. They will just slack off the entire day. Also, you might see them with depressive facial expressions. These are all clear indications that your child is not feeling well mentally. This could mean that your child is worried about something. Studious Children often worry about bad grades. Talk to your children frequently and try to solve all their problems in the most caring way possible.

8. Vaccinate On Time

When we were young, we were given vaccines for many diseases so that we stay say from them. However, these vaccines remain active for some time, after which you need to take the vaccine again (like Tetanus). With Covid vaccines being easily available now, make sure that you get your share on time, and even get the booster doses on time.

9. Give Them Gifts

Children love gifts. They always get happy when someone presents them with gifts. This is why you as a parent should always do this too. If you ever see your children in a bad mood, it is often a great idea to present them with gifts to cheer them up.

10. Break Time Between Activities

Whenever children are studying, or doing some form of physical and mental activity, always ensure that they get proper breaks in between to keep them concentrated for a longer time.


Children require a lot of love and care to grow up and be the best version of themselves. Therefore, it is our role as a parent that ensures that they grow up to be healthy and successful. Always take good care of your child’s health and always look over them, no matter what.

Author Bio: Alisha Jones is an online entrepreneur by profession and passionate blogger by heart. She is on a mission to help digital businesses grow online. She shares her journey, insights, and experiences at  Tech Trends Pro & Follow The Fashion.


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