How to Boost Immunity in Kids

How to boost immunity in kids? Good health is the best and most precious gift, rather the wealth we provide to our children. Having good health can easily fight off all odds in life. Most of the kids tend to develop some kind of illness very often. Moreover, the new academic year has started and school children tend to develop a few kinds of infections unknowingly. Children are more likely to get infected by viruses and bacterium in the preschools and school premises. Sharing germs and catching infections will become very common, which may lead to low immunity and frequent illnesses.

Healthy Foods

The common answer for how to boost immunity in kids is feeding healthy and nutritious foods. Yes, it is the right answer to it. Kids have their own choice of favorite foods and undoubtedly most of the kids are picky eaters.

Try to add at least any two of these foods in the daily diet of your kid, either in major meals or as a snack!

  • Dark fruit and vegetables and green leafy vegetables – richest source of vitamins, these veggies give immunity a boost and prevent all vitamin deficiency. For instance, Spinach, Beetroot, Broccoli, berries, etc.
  • Nuts and dry fruits – minerals are essential for immunity building in children. They are rich in nuts and seeds. While a few children love to eat nuts, you can powder them, mix them in milk or add as a topping or an additional element in the foods you cook. Mix almond or cashew powder or nut balls, almond or peanut butter, etc.
  • Spices – spices are meant to improve immunity and prevent developing illnesses. Add spices mildly to the children’s food. For instance, pepper corns, ginger, garlic, cardamom, fennel, fenugreek, etc.

Don’t complete rely on OTC Drugs or Antibiotics

Most common mistake many parents invariably make is relying on over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. If your child coughs, go get a cough syrup! Does he have high temperature? Get a pill to reduce the temperature. Moreover, many parents insist the pediatricians to prescribe antibiotics for kids for quick recovery from illnesses. Remember that providing the OTC drugs or antibiotics for children doesn’t improve immunity! While it provides cure from illnesses quickly, children are more prone to develop it again very quickly. This in turn suppresses and causes malfunction of immune system.

Good and Sound Sleep

Rushing to school, home work, preparation of school tests, television, games, etc reduced the sleeping time of kids. The addiction to television as well as the hi-tech gadgets reduced the quantity as well as quality of sleep. On the other side, peer pressure from parents is imposed on children. In comparison with other children, the kids are forced to excel in everything. Kids are being grown like adults! All these impact the quality of sleep in children.

Lack of quality and adequate sleep is a brain damaging habit, which may gradually reduce the functions of brain. Poor sleep result with extreme tiredness in the school, lack of memory, inability to concentration, etc.

Deep sleep is essential to boost the immunity in kids and it costs nothing. Let the children sleep without any pressure on them. Whether it is 8 hours or 10 hours, good sleep naturally improves the functions of the organs. Ensure to develop a proper sleep routine for your children, which neither affect the sleep nor the other important activities.

Quick tips to build immunity in kids 

  • Don’t be like a protective guard to your child. It is good to let them play in the outdoors. Too much protection deprives the immune function, which later lead to cause any illness even due to a minor impurity!
  • Follow hygienic practices

–   Wash your hands every time before you eat food
–   Wear neat and clean clothes
–   Make sure that your children’s accessories are clean
–   Bath daily
–   Take care about oral hygiene

Strict adherence to healthy and hygienic practices improves the immune functions and act as a guard against diseases.

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