Animating mythological movies has become very popular. It is one of the simple and effective ways to educate children about the legends of gods and goddess. Filled with loads of good values and principles, the animated stories on mythological characters, gods and goddesses definitely enlighten children.

Here is one such popular story of Prahalad, aka, Baktha Prahalad! Prahalad is the name of a boy and the world Baktha refers to god’s devotee. Prahalad is a simple story of reincarnation of supreme power. God saves his devotee through an incarnation.

Hiranya Kashib is a demon ruler who has received a unique boon to live forever! Yes, the demon king doesn’t want to die. He received a boon that he should not be killed by any animal, bird, or insect. He should not be killed during day or night. He should not be killed inside or outside the house. He continued to make people suffer as he received the boon. The other gods called Devas weren’t able to control the demon king’s supremacy.

He had a boy baby. His wife, a true devotee of Lord Vishnu named the child ‘Prahalad!’ The son followed the footsteps of his mother. Prahalad was a true devotee of Lord Vishnu. He used to chant Lord’s name continuously. His demon father wanted to kill the son who had utmost faith in god! He poisoned his son’s food, but Prahalad was alive. Later, he tried to fire the boy, but the boy was saved by the Lord.

Again, the demon father tried to kill his son using poisonous snakes. However, the faith in god saved the boy.

One evening in a heated argument, the demon king demanded Prahalad to show God. Prahalad asked his father to break a pillar! As he broke a huge pillar, God appeared in an incarnated form, as Lion-Man which is called Narasimha. He had the face of a fierce lion and body like a man. The angry Narasimha took the demon king and placed him on the entrance of his palace. He tore the demon’s body and killed him.

This is the story of Prahalad. Now, enjoy this story in a beautifully animated movie. Children will learn some morals like good deeds will be rewarded, evil is punishable, faith in god always saves us, etc.

Let your children learn about God, the omnipresence of God, the devotees, the devotion to the god, etc.

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