Amazing Facts » Space and the Universe

Amazing Facts about Space and the Universe For Kids

Amazing Facts about Space and the Universe For Kids

Did you know that only happy people are allowed in space? It is because you cannot cry on space as your tears will never fall… Wait, there is more…

Did you know that there is a huge reservoir of water that is floating and orbiting in space, and which is the equivalent to about 140 trillion times all the water in the earth’s oceans and seas?

Did you know that in 1962, the United States blew up a Hydrogen Bomb in space that was close to hundred times stronger than the Atom Bomb they dropped in Hiroshima? Wonder what difference it made up there?

If you did not know the above realities, then read on for more such amazing facts on space that will interest kids, as well as adults. We are so caught up with stress and our busy lives, that we tend to forget the existence of something so beautiful, yet so mysterious.

Increase your kid’s knowledge about the sun, planets, moon, astronomy, the galaxy, Milky Way, galaxy and more. There is still so little known about outer space by modern science, but the little that we do know and understand, there are several extremely amazing things.

This information will capture the interest of the young minds immediately. GIven below are some fun and interesting facts about outer space. Check out these amazing facts that everyone should know about the ever so breathtaking universe, as there is very little we know about outer space, and the Milky Way.

So let us start with the basics…

If we were to reduce and visualize the Sun to the size of a beach ball in Space, then the largest planet Jupiter would be equivalent to the size of a golf ball, our planet earth would be as small as a pea. So, what would that make us?

Let us move on to some basic history…

Did you know that if you were able to squeeze time from the Big Bang until today into one single year then, how would history be?

Read on and don’t be shocked…

1 January - The Big Bang happened.
10 January -The day that the first star was born.
13 January - First small galaxy fell into shape.
15 March - The formation of the Milky Way formed.
31 August - The Sun in our solar system was born [this by real terms is around 4.5 billion years ago]. Then the Earth was born from the dust and gas orbiting the new Sun. Frequent collisions created a hot flaming ball. Despite the fact that the Earth was initially quite unstable, eventually on
21 September - Formation of life on earth [around3.5 billion years ago]
9 November - Early microbes were formed. They were breathing, moving, eating, and learned to multiply.
17 December – Living creatures moved from water to land.
28 December - Date of the first flower blooming.

30 December, 6:24 am - An asteroid that hit earth, wiped out the entire dinosaur species. If that had not happened, early man or Homo sapiens would have never survived on Earth [around 60 million years ago]. The universe slowly became livable for humans.

31 December 11:59:46 pm – The last 14 seconds is responsible for all the earth’s recorded history. We learned how to domesticate animals and agriculture. We also learnt to write, paint science, mathematics, astronomy and just about all the other activities we practice today.

A second ago, it was discovered that the Earth is not the center of the Universe. And, at the end of that second, man landed on the Moon.

Just about every person you have ever known or heard of, met, loved, had etc., lives or lived in these 14 seconds.

So how about that – Most of you kids were born just before we commenced reading the last paragraph.

Is it not obvious that we are just nothing in the Universe?

Remember that, and be amazed, and respect all things around you.

There are more amazing details on space, so check out this page often. Kids will be intrigued on how important and unique these facts are and that even some adults are unaware about it. We are sure that your kids will enjoy these amazing and awesome facts. This distinctive way of presentation will only help increase your child’s general awareness.

Visit us every week for more amusing facts. Enjoy and we welcome your feedback.

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