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Seven Rarest Flowers on Earth

Flowers are beautiful in any colour and form. We are familiar with many of them, but there are some flowers which are so rare that they have to be protected from extinction and have to be specially cultivated. Below given are some of the rarest flowers on earth.

1. Jade vine

Jade vine

Jade Vine is considered to be endangered, as efforts to propagate the species have not been very successful. Found in the Philippines, Jade Vine has the botanical name Strongylodonmacrobotrys. The colour varies from blue-green to mint green.

2. Corpse flower

Corpse flower

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First discovered in 1878 in Sumatra, the corpse flower is so called because of its unique stinging smell which many botanists likens to the smell of the dead. Cultivated specimens can be found in California, in the Huntington Botanical Garden. In the blooming season, the flower can reach up to 6 feet, with a diameter of up to 3 feet. It blooms every 30 to 40 years. It is green outside, but dark red inside.

3. Cape sundew

Cape sundew

Scientifically known as Droseracapensis, Cape Sundew was first discovered in South Africa. This self- pollinated flower produces a sticky substance that traps insects. The plant is uniquely capable of absorbing nutrients from the insects.

4. Parrot’s beak

Parrot’s beak

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Parrot’s beak is a native of the Canary Islands and is believed to have been originally pollinated by sunbirds. Sunbirds are an extinct species now, which is the main reason why the flower is rarely seen in the wild now. The flower resembles the beak of a parrot and also a lobster claw. It can grow to six inches in length and 3 feet in width. It is bright red, orange and yellow.

5. Ghost orchid

Ghost orchid

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The ghost orchid has the scientific name Dendrophylaxlindenii. It was first discovered by Jean Jules, a Belgian plant collector in 1844. The flower can now be found in the swampy forests of Florida and Cuba. It has white petals that hang away from the stem. It blooms fully in late June and August. A special kind of fungi is needed for the flower to survive.

6. Lady’s slipper orchids

Lady’s slipper orchids

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Originally found in Europe and many Asian countries, these orchids have dwindled in number so much that they are protected in most countries. The plant is now found in the moist soil of open woodlands in the U.K and some part of Europe. It gets its nourishment from a type of fungus till the adult leaves can produce enough nourishment.

7. Black Bat Flower

Black Bat Flower

Known by the scientific name Taccachantrieri, the black bat flower was first discovered in the tropical regions of South East Asia including the countries Malaysia, Thailand and China. It is still found in some South East Asian countries. The flower has bat-like petals which are stark black. It also has long whiskers like a cat that grows nearly up to 28 inches.

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